Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bitsy Beaded Baby Booties

More Sock Summit news! Sheesh... where does time go??? I've been home for over a week now! Time flies... but I tell you, time flew faster in Portland.

Let me share with you something that I made, that I'm not embarrassed of. In fact... I'm rather charmed by it (or should I say them?).

I took a class with Vancouver based designer, knitting-with-beads extraordinaire... Sivia Harding. I enjoyed it far too much. Not only did I walk out with the most precious little embellished pair of elf boots, I learned lots and lots about knitting with beads. It's not an area of knitting I've really cared to venture too far into, BUT when all of the classes were disappearing faster than I could imagine during the SS registration, I just snagged what I could get.

What a happy thing that I snagged a spot in this class.

I mean... LOOK AT THEM! Did you stop breathing for a second!?!?!? I did when I first laid eyes on the finished product. I had no clue what I was getting into when I signed up for the class. There was no picture on the website, I just knew I was in for a pair of 'beautiful beaded baby booties'. Beautiful they are! But who says that they have to be for a baby???

Mine will surely assume a spot on my shelves for a while.

I mean... look at it! Doesn't it just look like it grew up in that tree?

I am forecasting more knitting with beads in my near knitting future.

In other Sock Summit news. You may have heard that the world record was broken during that week for 'most number of knitters knitting in one spot, at one time'.

The record was made in Australia last winter- 236 knitters.

Sock Summit? 935 knitters.

Lynn and Tara accounted for two of that 935.

I only wish I could have gotten a photo of the camera men who were documenting this event for the evening news. They looked like they had just witnessed an elephant casually operating an ATM.

Lastly, I feel the need to share with you flower photos at every post while the weather is nice.

We will look back on these photos with a tear in our eye in about... ooooh.... five months.


Anonymous said...

I'm speechless...I just love the stories and pics.Any chance of putting moccasin soles on those little booties....or making them in a bigger size?

sign me up for this class when you're ready to teach!!

Anonymous said...

Me too - I'd love to have a pair for myself. I'll have to stop in the store to see them!!

Anonymous said...

NICE !!!

Meghan Chapman said...


You helped make a world record.

You just got cooler.

I met a baby last weekend, she was darling and I'd imagine she wants those boots.