Wednesday, December 03, 2014

On The First Day Of Advent...

My mom's birthday is September 28th, and this year, I knit her something that I have wanted to make her for-EVER. Being that I am not the best with deadlines however (I would be the first to admit that), I missed her actual birthday. But lucky for me... the nature of this gift allowed me to give it to her on December 1st.

Having said that, would anyone want to wager a guess as to what it is that I made her?

Did you say "Lynn, did you make your mom an advent calender in the form of 24 tiny mittens?"

If you did... then YOU ARE RIGHT!

Pattern- "Smitten- A Holiday Garland" by Knit Picks

While the mittens themselves did not take a tonne of time to knit (I'd say just under 45 minutes per mitten), it was the finishing of each one that took eons.

I knew as I was knitting them that I should really have been sewing up each one as I went, but of course... I like knitting best. And as soon as I cast off one little mitt, I would turn a blind eye at the finishing, and cast on the next one. Which is why... the gift was delayed. 

Nobody in their right mind would take sewing in the ends on 24 tiny mittens over knitting more tiny mittens. Am I right?

But lucky for me... my mom loves me anyway. 

The yarn? Was stash. All of it. And I would just like to take a moment to stop and pat myself on the back because NOT ONE BALL OF YARN WAS PURCHASED FOR THE MAKING OF THIS GARLAND. Which in many ways... is sort of scary if you actually think about it. (Read- I have A LOT of yarn).

It was loads of fun to dig through my mountains of yarn bins in the basement and co-ordinate "Christmassy" colours. While the bulk of the yarn that I used was Cascade 220, there is also some Brown Sheep Lamb's PrideManos Del Uruguay Clasica WoolFleece Artist BFL AranClassic Elite Majestic TweedRowan Tweed AranUltra AlpacaMadelinetosh Vintage and even some now discontinued Punta Merino was thrown into the mix. 

Now... I dare you to try saying all of THAT in one breath!

I knit two mittens out of each colour, and then two reeeeally long i-cords. 

The tags are 'key tags' from Staples. I tried some tags from Michael's initially, but they ended up being so giant, that they dwarfed the already tiny mittens.

So there you have it. Wishing a very happy (and very belated) birthday to my Mom!

And Happy Advent to all of you!


Alleigh said...

They are crazy cute and I'm sure she loves them! Look You started a new tradition. Be careful others may want a set for their very own too!

Chrissy said...

I love that garland so much. I might start one now to give to my nephew and niece next Christmas as I'm not crazy enough to start when we are already in advent!

Michelle said...

The garland is amazing! I don't blame you for procrastinating on the finishing. I ended up with a pile of nearly finished sweater for much the same reason. :-D

Anonymous said...

They are brilliant, Lynn. I would love to try this. I had better start now, for 2015. Happy Birthday, Mary!!

Phyllis said...

LOVE, LOVE!! And your stars are gorgeous too. Lucky Mom!

Heather said...

It's beautiful! I'm glad you were able to finish it on time. What were you thinking by not weaving in the ends as you went along??? (says the woman who is making the sock blanket quilt...)

Gloria said...

What a wonderful gift! Such a clever idea.

Unknown said...

you did it!! i am still at 3 mittens.. new goal: xmas 2015!