Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Aaaaaaaand.... We're Back

Apologies for the radio silence. Between having a wee bug floating between the walls of our house, and just general 'beginning of Fall mania', this poor website appears to have been swept under the carpet for some time.

I am back however, and I have been knitting like a maniac.

Mostly socks... which is likely getting pretty old for all of you kind folks that are still tuning in.

But also other things.

But first...

See that?

You know it.

My beast of a scarf/shawl is COMPLETE!

And sewing in the ends only took me three hours and fifteen minutes of uninterrupted podcast listening time. (Yes. I timed it).

Rowan inspired photo shoot to come. (HECK NO I'm not kidding!)

Until then, or until I post some other knitting up and around these here parts...

I leave you with...

The absolutely stunning colours of Collingwood, Ontario from this past weekend.

So get your wools ready!

Winter is a comin'!


Anonymous said...

Winter IS on the way, and the needles are flying. I have two wool socks done. They don't match, but in a pinch..... See you at the Fair!!

Michelle said...

I love when the leaves change color and there's a crispness to the air! Can't wait to see the mammoth scarf/shawl!!!

amanda said...

welcome back! looking forward to your visit soon!

ms.tee.kay said...

i'm so excited for the shoot, i cannot even wait!