Thursday, June 26, 2014

What's On My Needles

Earlier in the week, a friend asked me "So, what's on your needles?" and it occurred to me that now I am no longer in the shop, it's not something I talk about NEARLY as much as I once did.

And you know what? 

I miss it.

So while I have never been a huge fan of posting my works in progress (because I am afraid that you might ask me about projects that I long ago abandoned and make me feel guilty about it...), I think it's about time that I started. Because heaven only knows... I could make this entire blog about nothing other than "what's on my needles", and have enough content to post every day for the next 14 years.

So without further ado, I present to you the project that has had my (almost) undivided attention for the last little while.


The pattern? It's called Soumak, and it's free on Ravelry. It was also published in Rowan 54, but it would appear as though a British lifestyle magazine included it in an issue, then made it free on the interwebs. I dig.

The yarn? Not what they called for... The pattern calls for Rowan Fine Tweed, and while it is stunning and beautiful and all of that good stuff... I opted to swap it out for some Rowan Felted Tweed in fairly comparable colours. (Or at least I think so!)

I actually started this project this past Winter when I needed some colour in my life in a very bad way, but tossed it aside in favour of... uhm, I'm not sure what. Other knitting? Other colours? But in the past week or two, I have put a major dent it in and made it well past the halfway point. (Pat on the back for me!)

So there you have it. Soumak is what has had my heart for the past week or so.

Oh, and strawberries. 

Local strawberries are my kind of heaven, so I am giving them all of the love and attention that they can possibly handle.


Michelle said...

Ooo, knitting poolside. I'm jealous. I would rather spend my afternoon knitting outdoors than in the office. The scarf is massive and beautiful! It looks like a lot of knitting, but the kind that will be well worth it once it gets cold and you have a lovely scarf to wrap yourself in!

Unknown said...

I love the color of knitting! Those strawberries look great. In my top 5 of favorite fruits.

Lucy Bowen said...

Those colours are gorgeous - and the strawberries.....Mmmm.

ms.tee.kay said...

oh Lynn, that will be so pretty for fall!