Friday, December 21, 2012

Mystery Solved

The day after our wedding, my man and I climbed into the car and somehow managed to get ourselves up to my parent's place to eat a little food and open a few gifts. It was quiet and intimate. We just took our time, and delighted in each card and token of our love. It was the perfect way to wind down after a pretty exciting past 24 hours.

And then... we got to an unmarked box.

The box had no paper to rip off, but had a red and green printed pattern all over it. And when we took off the lid, we found ourselves simply covered in glitter. As we dug through the tissue paper, we uncovered one Christmas ornament after another, all clearly handmade- some of them even yarn themed! But by whom???

Red Yarn!
We could not for the life of us figure out which kind souls had thought to give us ornaments to help us get in the festive spirit for our first Christmas together as a married couple. 

I must confess that without these ornaments, our neighbors would have thought we had given up on Christmas all together. We had no plans to put up a tree, no plans to hang up lights, not even any plans to buy a wreath... As of the day after our wedding, we just had plans to catch up on our sleep.

And Green Yarn!

But when you're given a box of such thoughtful handmade ornaments like we were, it somehow reignites the Christmas spirit within- fatigued, or not.

So we kicked our Scrooge-ish ways to the curb, bought a mini tree and decked those halls of ours.

Who could the thoughtful recipient be!?!?!?

Complete with tree topper et al.

Or should I say cake topper?

So who do you think it was that so kindly made us our box of ornaments???

'His and Her' sheep on chocolate disks from Swiss Master Chocolates

Why none other than our two absolutely beautiful, glitter loving, six year old flower girls.

Christmas arrangement by my lovely and talented sister

Thank you girls.

Christmas in our house truly would not have been the same this year, were it not for all of your love.


Anonymous said...

How sweet are they!! Merry Christmas !!

Michelle said...

Oh, what a cute idea!