Monday, January 30, 2012

"Nice Knitwear!"

On Friday night, my dear boyfriend and I decided to go on a date that consisted of dinner at a pub and some skating at the public rink. (Yup, you heard me. We're still together despite the fact that I knit him a sweater. That dumb curse is nothing but a hoax).

The rink is next door to the high school that my baby brother went to, and while he is in Halifax to further that education of his, we thought that we would do a cheesy self portrait with my phone and text it to him. While I was hoping for a response that said 'WOW!!! That totally makes me homesick! Come and get me!', instead what I got back was a message that read 'Nice knitwear!' know what?

He's right.

Knitwear is nice.

And I just wanted you guys to know that we do actually wear our handknits.

 I will not be held responsible for how he chooses to wear his hat

Pictured here...

On me.
Yarn- Two balls of Smart.
Needles- 4mm.
Pattern- From an amazing hat book by Sandenesgarn (pattern #11)

Seriously? You don't know?

On him.
Yarn- Two balls of Zara.
Needles- 4mm.
Pattern- Pressed Rib Hat and Muffler by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.

What you can't see.
My new poncho that fits perfectly under my coat (which makes me love it even more)
My socks buried in my skates.
His socks bured in his skates.

So let's keep on keeping those loved ones warm people.

Especially if they actually wear the stuff we make.


Brittanylea02 said...

Delightful knitwear Lynn! Feel free to send me knitwear ;)

Anonymous said...

I have hat book - thanks to you!! Must dig it out again and try another one. Have you tried skating at Cedarena?

Chatnoire said...

I am SO obsessed with knitting again... I've just begun to knit my mom some socks for her upcoming b'day, which is just before St. Paddy's day... and she's Irish. Can you guess what colour the socks are!?

I also gave Joey his socks finally (I don't know if this was before I saw you or after), and he composed a song on the spot about how there's love in his socks... yes, knitwear is GRAND, and you know what? There is so much love in it. Seriously. You don't labour over stuff for people you don't care about. What a great way to show someone how you feel :)

I need to visit the shop. I'm never in Unionville, and every time I visit someone else's yarn shop locally I feel guilty. I'll have to make the trip! xo