Thursday, July 14, 2011

Exposed For Who I Really Am

I had a new air conditioner installed this week. Awesome- right? I can now sleep through those hot and humid nights and actually get under my sheets instead of just sweat right through the top of them???

Well, yeah. It is awesome.

Or, it was awesome until I realized that in the process of installing the new air conditioner a water valve had broken and a large selection of my personal stash was absolutely dripping wet.

Yeah. I know. I should have it in rubbermaid bins and Ziplock bags.
I get it.
A large portion of the stash is suffocating under plastic.

But.... a chunk of it is not. This is so that I can enjoy it every time I throw in a load of laundry (it happens to be right next to my washing machine) and easily access it when... I feel like it.

Well, well. Did the 'Gods of Proper Yarn Storage' ever have their way with me this week!

After finally getting my first blast of cool air this summer, I went downstairs to admire all the handy work that the AC men had done... and there was the mess.

They had warned me that a bit of yarn had gotten wet in the process, but yarn dries- right?


And now my house is absolutely covered in every nook and cranny possible with drying yarn. My bathtub, bedroom floor, hallway, kitchen counter (this is making food prep sort of difficult), family room floor... I mean every nook and cranny is covered in drying yarn.

I know that even my roomate/cousin who has lived with me for a year and a half didn't even realize that there was this much stuffed in our teensy house (I'm barely showing you a fraction of it BTW)... and he even knows all about the other Rubbermaids tucked safely in the corner.

It's... a bummer.

Fortunately for me however... it's this time of year.

And the flowers are a-blooming.

That always cures my mood.

Time to empty out the dehumidifier tray.


Anonymous said...

you picked the wrong week to have your wisdom teeth thinks!

Anonymous said...

That is terrible! I hope the installers really did apologize.

Kathleen said...

You do know that you have a yarn store right? So technically you don't necessarily have to store the yarn at home, you could just get what you need at work and if you don't use it, you could bring it back? I'm not sure how much personal stash a yarn store owner should have!???! :)