Thursday, April 03, 2008

Slinky Summer Tank

With winter having lasted so long, I felt that if I cast on a lovely little summer tank top that it might urge Spring to hurry up. It might have worked... The snow seems to be melting at a good rate and my top will be wearable in no time. I have faith. At least knitting passes the time until the decent weather does come along.

The yarn was a delight to knit with. Lana Grossa's "Messina". It's 70% rayon and 30% cotton. You could knit a ball gown out of this stuff the drape is so decent.

Here's some info you might want to know.
Needles? 4 mm
How many balls of yarn? 4 EXACTLY at 125m/ball for a longer version of size medium.
Pattern? A Marks and Kattens pattern which I altered slightly.
Exactly HOW did you alter? Oh, not much. I just made it longer (no one wants to see my naval) and made a split up the back so that I could do the buttons and button loops ala Rowan.

The pattern suggested putting ribbon on the inside of the straps so that they don't sag down to your stomach. I took the advice and am quite pleased with the look (even though no one will see it but me). I think next time I might even consider putting ribbon on the outside. Why not? Who doesn't love ribbon?


Meghan Chapman said...

Tres jolie!

Very nice madam, I hope it will be warm enough that you can wear it next time we get together.

Anonymous said...

I'm back from the far South and glad to see that you are knitting for the Summer.
Got some great wool in the Falklands!
Roll out the Spring!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn! It was nice seeing you today and it seems like ages since we talked! The slinky summer tank is GORGEOUS! It makes it more special that I can "touch" it today at your store!
Please see hi to your mom for me and I have always enjoy your company!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea to put ribbon in the straps! I'll have to do that for my tank top (after I finish my mother-in-law's tank...)