Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Not Easy Being Green

First off- I cannot believe I am putting this photo on the internet for you to gawk at in disbelief (what WAS she thinking!?!?!?!). I realize what an idiotic picture this is and that it won't make me any friends- I just felt that this picture captured that feeling I get when I finish a sweater better than any other photo ever snapped of me.

How convenient that I actually happen to be wearnig a freshly knit sweater in this shot...

You heard me. Fresh off the needles. Never been worn. Newly knitted.... That's right. A baby sweater (in my size) has been born.

I feel good about this one. I am happy with the fit, happy with the drape, happy with the colour, happy with the subtle sparkle, happy with the overall everything of this sweater. It's exactly what I had hoped for when I cast on.


Which is actually a little bit shocking since this sweater and I have had our fair share of  ups and downs already. But we've made it. And I'm looking forward to many more days spent together.


I've talked a bit about this sweater already on this here blog, so I won't wax poetic about it too much now. I have a strong feeling that these stupid pictures of me say more than I could ever say with words.

 Doing this is a lot harder than I remember...

Despite me having very strong feelings towards this sweater however, I understand that not everyone has the same taste as me- and that's ok. This point was made quite clear this evening as my darling cousin and I were out at the park taking photos. As we made our way back to my place, two lovely neighbourhood children who live a few doors away stopped us to say 'hi'. It had been a while since our paths have crossed due to the awfully terrible long winter we've had so we had a little chat that went something like this.

7 year old girl- 'Lynn! I haven't seen you in SOOOOO long! You look SOOOOO different!'
Me- 'Really?!?!?! What's different about me? Perhaps that I cut my hair?'
7 year old girl- 'Noooo... you have cut your hair, but that's not it...'
Me- 'Hm. That's odd. Perhaps I have packed on some winter weight.'
7 year old girl- 'Nope! Not that either...'

7 year old girl's 4 year old brother-'No silly! Lynn looks the exact same! She's just wearing a REALLY weird sweater.'

Sigh...What's there to say?

It's just not easy being green...

Details (I won't tell my 4 year old neighbour that you asked)

Pattern- Berroco Glint Book #306 'Madleen'
Yarn- 8 balls of Berroco Glint in a looooovely shade of green (in case you didn't catch that)
Needles- 4mm for the ribbing, 5mm for the rest

So, despite what the neighbours may think (or in my case, say) , I plan on wearing this sweater again and again and again.

Especially since it matches my very favorite scarf.

Pfft... 4 year olds...

What do they know anyway?


Anonymous said...

"Weird sweater" to a 4 year old. Gorgeous sweater to everyone else. LOVE it.

Kathleen said...

I was just thinking - did Lynn just cut her hair or has it just been a really long time since I've been into the store? I like the sweater. But I equally like the honesty of 4 year olds. They rock.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE it !!

Chrissy said...

I love your sweater. It's in one of my favourite colours and it perfect for cheering you up and feeling happy in.

Meghan Chapman said...

I love you, and your weird sweaters!

I remember you knitting version 1.0 of this at my place months ago, glad it came together.

Sarah said...

Looks amazing on! I only saw it at the store. I casted on yesterday...wish me luck :)