Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We're Almost Through This Phase Folks

Four down.

Two more to go.

Pretty soon, you won't have to hear another word about neon sock yarn from me EVER again.

Well... maybe.

Friday, October 17, 2014

"Officially" Done

As some of you may now know... I have finally finished The Shawl That Took Me Longer Than Anything I Have Ever Knit In My Entire Life. Those who know me well, know how much time I spent on this project. In fact... those of you who don't know me at all, other than from this here blog know how much time I spent on this project. And while I loved every minute of it, and would even go so far as to say that I miss working on it... I am so happy that I am done with it. 

And not just "done with it" in the "Yah, I'm done. I cast off. I just need to sew in the ends, block it and get it up on Ravelry" sense of the term. 

I am ACTUALLY done. 

I have cast off. I have sewn in the ends. I have blocked it, and I have it up on Ravelry

That's about as 'done' as any knitting project could possibly get.

Since I am fortunate enough to have a lot of really good people (aka 'knitters') in my life who just 'get it' when a project of such proportions comes off the needles, I had one show up at my door on the Monday of the Thanksgiving long weekend and say "Come on! Get outside and let me take your picture with your beautiful new shawl!" (Okay... not really... I might have actually known that she was coming, but still... It is insanely nice of her to crawl out of bed on a holiday Monday to come over to my place and snap some pics!)

So here you have it. A collection of photos taken by my good friend Tara. Not only does her photography beautifully capture the most colourful time of year, it also does a pretty good job of capturing a project that can easily claim the title of 'most colourful', as least as far as my Ravelry project page is concerned.

As it just so happens, I bought this yarn while in London with my family, visiting my sister last February. In the days leading up to our trip, my husband asked me what I was looking forward to most. I replied with "I can't wait to walk into Liberty, with all the time in the world, and pick out a pattern, some yarn and some needles to make a project for ME". While I could tell he was a tad puzzled that I didn't respond with "I can't wait to go to the Imperial War Museum with YOU honey!" he knows better than to react negatively to such a statement. At least not to my face anyway. (Why the heck do you think I married him!?!?!?)

So the reason for telling you all of this?

Conveniently... I happen to have a ticket to take me back to dear London scheduled for this coming Sunday.

My birthmark arrived later in life, in the form of a dot of grey hair on the back of my head.
That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
I couldn't have 'officially' finished this project at a better time.

Details of the yarn, pattern and needles can be found here
And what exactly do you think I'm most excited about doing in London this time around?

I think you all know me well enough at this point to hazard a pretty good guess.

Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend Flowers at the Parental's


Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Crossing Christmas Gifts Off My List

So, the thing about most of my knitting lately... is that it has mostly been in preparation for the 2014 gift giving season. 

Yah, I know. None of us want to acknowledge that Christmas is actually going to happen anytime soon, especially with this beautiful, warm Fall that we are having. After last winter, we are all understandably, in denial. But since this seems to be the year that I have found myself with a bit more time than I have in the past, I thought I would bite the bullet and knit socks for (almost) everyone on my list. (Uhm... sorry about the little spoiler there dear loved ones).

So while I shall try not bore you with each and every pair as I churn through them, this pair in particular seems to warrant a shout out.

And why is that??? You ask.

Because the yarn was an absolute delight to knit with.

And while I am not going to share the colourway here until these puppies have been gifted to one faithful blog reader in particular, (hence, the black and white photography), I do need to tell you about the yarn itself. Because each and every stitch was like a little slice of heaven.

The yarn? Northbound Knitting's Superwash Merino/Nylon. The perfect blend for a pair of hard wearing socks, but still an absolute pleasure to knit up.

This is a yarn I had never knit with, let alone heard of, before stumbling into Lettuce Knit one day this past summer. It has a beautifully tight twist and I suspect will wear well in the recipient's boots throughout the entirety of this upcoming Canadian winter (and hopefully, a few more after that!)

The good news? I can now cross another Christmas gift off of my list.
The bad news? I can no longer knit with this beautiful, bouncy yarn!
The silver lining? I happen to have also snagged a skein of it for myself.

Because isn't that how everyone plays the sock yarn game?

"One for you, and one for me".

Sort of like eating a box of chocolates...

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Aaaaaaaand.... We're Back

Apologies for the radio silence. Between having a wee bug floating between the walls of our house, and just general 'beginning of Fall mania', this poor website appears to have been swept under the carpet for some time.

I am back however, and I have been knitting like a maniac.

Mostly socks... which is likely getting pretty old for all of you kind folks that are still tuning in.

But also other things.

But first...

See that?

You know it.

My beast of a scarf/shawl is COMPLETE!

And sewing in the ends only took me three hours and fifteen minutes of uninterrupted podcast listening time. (Yes. I timed it).

Rowan inspired photo shoot to come. (HECK NO I'm not kidding!)

Until then, or until I post some other knitting up and around these here parts...

I leave you with...

The absolutely stunning colours of Collingwood, Ontario from this past weekend.

So get your wools ready!

Winter is a comin'!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Have You Ever?

Have you ever finished up a knitting project that you're proud of, only to realize that while YOU may love it, and many of your knitting friends have encouraged you to move forward with the project, all of your non-knitting friends/peers give your newly finished project a sideways stare and say "Hm. That's cute."

Have you?

Do you know the kind of projects I mean?

For example, you fall in love with a skein of hand painted yarn and cast on a cardigan out of it, only to have it pool in 100 different places? You keep going because you manage to convince yourself that no one will ever notice, and your knitting friends assure you that they won't. But then along comes your non-knitting friends who take one quick look at it and go "You're really going to wear that?" Oh the face they would pull if they only knew what you had paid for the yarn...

Or maybe you cast on a pattern that includes a technique you have been simply dying to try, only to cast off and realize that perhaps it wasn't the best technique/ project pairing? Once again, your non-knitting friends are immediately captivated by the new technique you have tackled, while the non-knitters make you feel as you though cutting a hole at the top of a feed sack would have been more impressive.

I suspect this is because knitter's "get it". They know how much time you have invested in the knitting, they know why you would want to spend all that time fine tuning a new technique, and they know why you would want to drop all of that cash on those few skeins of hand painted yarn. They just walk your walk and speak your speak, and THAT, is really comforting.

I ask you all of this, because I am finding myself in that very predicament right now.

I have some dear friends expecting a baby, and I want to make them something jaw-droppingly-adorable.

So, I cast on a pair of baby pants.

While the yarn feels simply glorious, and my knitting friends have all gushed about them, I can already hear that dreaded "Hm. That's cute." from my non-knitting-baby-expecting friends.

While they will no doubt appreciate all of the work that I put into the pants, I think that they might wonder about my yarn selection and secretly hope and pray that 'Auntie Lynn' decides to never knit for their baby again.

Pattern- First Impression Pants by Drops Design 
So what do you think knitting friends?

Am I just imagining it?

Or are these pretty insane for a non-knitter to put on their baby?

Perhaps I am best off just knitting for expectant knitters exclusively.

Because even if the finished project does end up looking like a hot mess, at least I know that they will understand and appreciate why I did what I did.

Am I right?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

So Close, Yet So Far

If you can believe it... after months and months and MONTHS of knitting, I can finally say that I have officially cast off my Soumak shawl.

The only problem???

That light at the end of the tunnel is just a little bit further away than I had anticipated.

Now, "why is that?" you ask.

One word for you.


Monday, August 11, 2014

Podcast Round-Up

Something that I decided to make a very concious effort to do when the shop closed down, was to start each day with one hour of knitting. I know that this 'not working' thing won't last forever, so while it is happening, I shall embrace it with VERY open arms. Especially if it means I have the opportunity to clock some extra knitting time...

While I cannot claim to have stuck to this 'knit for one hour rule' of mine everyday, I have done pretty well. I have worked mostly on my Soumak shawl during these one hour stints, and as one might suspect...I am loving it.

On days that the weather is beautiful, I sit outside and knit away, and on the days that it's not so gorgeous, I curl up on the couch.

The one thing that does always remain the same however? I always listen to a knitting podcast while I knit in the morning. What better way to start the day?

Which leads me to... this post.

A friend of mine recently asked me "What are some decent knitting podcasts that I could listen to?", which I thought was a rather good question.

So without further ado, here is a list of five podcasts that have been keeping me company during my early morning knit sessions.

The Knitmore Girls

This mother/daughter duo have their show broken into perfect little segments, all of which I love. Each episode is typically an hour long, which works perfectly with my alloted morning knitting time. They knit, they spin, the sew, and they adore neon sock yarn just as much as I do. What more could I want? They stick to a pretty strict weekly schedule, and you can count on me to always listen to the latest episode as soon as it drops. Maybe it's the mother/daughter/knitting thing that I relate to... I'm not entirely sure. But one thing I do know? I like this pair.

Knitting Pipeline            

I must admit that I have not listened to the lovely Paula in quite some time, but she is one smart lady. I really must get back to her... The name of her podcast comes from her love of not only knitting (obviously), but playing the bag pipes as well. I recall telling a friend about this podcast once, and she laughed at me, thinking that my description made it sound just about as exciting as watching paint peel (sorry for not doing you justice Paula!!!) But when she gave it a listen, she ate her words. It's good. Just trust me on this. You will walk away having learned a little something new every time.

Cast On

I feel as though Brenda Dayne can be heralded as one of the pioneers of knit-podcasting. I remember listening to her while I was in university eight or nine years ago (oh geez... How long HAS it been anyway???). While she has been a little more sporatic with her posting in recent years due to... life, her library of episodes is impressive, and will keep you listening for months on end. Her voice is wonderful (she reads audiobooks from time to time for a bit of mad money) and her knitting knowledge is extensive. Brenda is an American transplant in Wales, and she satisfies my inner lover of the UK.


This podcast is a more recent discovery for me, but I was hooked immediately. Focussed on so much more than just knitting, Martine's lovely accent and interest in all things crafty keeps me coming back for more.While her posts are also somewhat sporatic, it's always worth the wait.


This podcast is one that started as a podcast, and then eventually evolved into a full time vidcast. Kristen's episdoes are posted on Youtube (at least, that's where I get them from), and I must admit that it is a treat for a visual person like me to have the opportunity to actually see what is currently on her needles. Her episodes are short, typically no more than 30 minutes, and it's mostly just chit-chat, with a "shop update" to wrap things up, as she recently started to dye and sell yarn. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, and I just like her. I'm pretty sure that if we slightly closer in proximity, we would be buds.

So! There you have it. Let me know if love any of these podcasts as much as I do! And if not... which ones ARE you into?

Let me know!

Happy knitting!