Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When All Else Fails- Sew A Bag

Last week I had a day all to myself, where I planned on doing nothing but knitting from dawn until dusk. Before the clock struck noon however, I realized that I had ripped out a pair of mittens, posted 'HELP!' on a knitting forum for not understanding a pattern (which was a result of stupid me not printing out all the pages to my pattern) and bailed on a sweater. Just as I was about to give up all hope, my sister sent me a text message that said 'Have you sewed that bag you bought the materials for yet?'


I hadn't.

So I did.

Turns out that while my knitting mo-jo was lacking that day, but I was able to sew like a champ. My costume studies instructors would be proud- especially since I was far from a 'sewing champ' in University.

Let's do the same thing here that I do when I knit.

Pattern? Vest Bag from the fine ladies over at Quilt A Bag (if you haven't been yet, you should go)

Fabric? I don't know the name (fabric doesn't come with a 'ball band' oddly enough) but I know that it's from Japan. I seem to have a love for all things Japanese and fibre related (did someone say Noro?)

Needles? Er... the one in my sewing machine.

And lucky for me, the flowers in the garden match my new accessory perfectly.



KnitAddict said...

Lovely bag! It gave me a feeling of deja vu so I scoured another blog I follow (Sew Tara: and she had shown a similar bag from Quilt a Bag. :)

You both inspire me to sew - but I don't even know how!

Monika said...

Love your bag!

Kathleen said...

Beautiful! I wish I could sew. Actually I don't. I wish I had someone that would sew beautiful things for me. For free. I need a live in seamstress.