Monday, May 09, 2011

My Weekend In Pictures

This weekend was aboslutely to die for. Beautiful and fresh outside. And all the fresh air made me camera-happy.

So I share with you what I saw.

The shop amaryllis popped three lovely blooms with red centres.

Liberty Wool by Classic Elite arrived in some glorious spring shades.

Purple spikes were popping up out of the earth that looked a little threatening (thumbs up to whomever knows what these will become some day).

The neighbour's llama showed up in my parent's backyard for Mother's Day lunch.

The chickens were a laying.

The cat was a hunting.

The duck was a feeding.

And I was gifted a stunning skein of some lovely blue yarn.

Now, does this shade of blue remind you of anything??


Oh yes my friends. I now I have a skein of yarn to go with my mug and tea towel.

I'm set.


Anonymous said...

what a happy post!!

hope you found some time to KNIT after your expert photo shoot!

Anonymous said...

a llama! great pics!


becca said...

Hostas! They'll turn green (or greeny blue) as soon as they get more sun and unfurl!