Thursday, July 19, 2012


This past weekend, I took the opportunity to 'nest'. My dear man was out of town and I made a point of making absolutely no plans, all in the name of getting through some knitting (and cooking... and cleaning... and laundry... you get it, right?). And you know what? It was successful. I knit until my needles wore out (and my house is pleasantly tidier). It's funny how rare weekends like these are... especially in the warmer months! There's another barbeque, pool party or wedding around every corner! (Not that I'm complaining of course...)

The only exception to my 'no plans' rule however, was a great big ol' family dinner on Sunday night, prepared by none other than Mother Mary herself (and those who know her cooking, know what a treat it is to eat one of her dinners!).

As is usually the case in my family, we all threw on our sandals and strolled down to the garden after dinner to check out what was going on with all of the plants and animals.

While plucking raspberries off of the raspberry bush, what do you think I happened to stumble upon??? But a mother duck who was also nesting! As it turns out, I am not the only one who likes to nest when it's this this stupid-hot out. Looks like in just 12 short days from now (give or take), my parent's pet duck Clark is going to be a father! His girlfriend Lois was sitting pretty amongst those raspberries like one proud momma atop of some beautiful, warm, baby eggs.

What a wonderful and welcomed addition to the family that will be.

Shame she has been so resistant to picking up the art of knitting... she could have had those 12 baby ducks outfitted in no time! Clearly, she missed the memo that told her how nesting works wonders for one's knitting production.

As for my 'nesting knitting'... progress report to come.


Britney said...

productive weekends are the best. there's something really awesome about plopping down in a just-cleaned house to do some knitting.

also that soon-to-be mommy duck is just the most adorable thing for me this week. xD

Renee said...

Oh I love when stay at home days are productive - they make everything better! I love the duck names, so cute.