Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Show, Less Tell

Despite some worries I had earlier on in the year regarding whether or not my sock knitting had taken a back seat to my baby knitting, it turns out that 'Ms. Overly-Dramatic' (that's me) needn't stress anymore. Turns out... that my sock knitting mojo is still entirely intact.

Need proof?


Not a problem.

After finishing these puppies, I realize that no matter how soft and gooey finishing a baby sweater makes me feel (Oh, come on! It's a miniature sweater! SO! CUTE!) I still find that knitting two socks, that actually slightly resemble the same size as one another is the most satisfying thing to ever come off the needles.

That's right.


Especially when they fit ME.

This kind of fun just never gets old.

However... I realize that reading about yet another pair of plain vanilla socks might start to get a little tiresome after a while... So I'll keep this post short on words, and heavy on pictures.

I always tended towards books that were heavy on the pictures anyway.

Details? (For those of you that haven't given up on the reading part of this just yet)

Yarn- Misti Alpaca Sock in colourway 'Reggaeton' (coming soon to a Mary's Yarns near you!) 50% alpaca, 30% merino, 10% nylon, 10% silk
Needles- 2.5mm
Pattern- It's in my head
Soft Factor- SO soft. I can`t wait for boot season! These will be ridiculous.

And so my friends (who are readers), since I tend to end off each post with a flower picture for you (especially this time of year!), I thought I'd share what I carried down the aisle as a bridesmaid last weekend instead of some lovely flowers.

Something not quite as fragrant, but something that is still completely lovely.


Unknown said...

Oh I love your socks! I agree about the thrill of sock knitting, love them!

What a gorgeous bridesmaid 'flower'I'm sure they made for great photos!

ms.tee.kay said...

so cheerful and pretty!

Pumpkin said...

Ah! Those are such beautiful and cheerful socks! I love them so much! They fit you perfectly and how could you not be super happy when you wear them?