Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mohair/Silk (Burlap) Cowl

Last night I was sitting at my kitchen table, knitting away when my cousin/roomie asked me 'Lynn? What's the difference between burlap and knitting?' Since this wasn't an entirely odd question (as far as questions from him go), I took my time giving him an answer. He thanked me, shared his Kraft Dinner with me and carried on with his evening.

When he came home a little later in the night, I proudly modelled my brand new, hot-off-the-needles project (inspired by a customer who was at Show and Tell two weeks back).

The project? A mohair bias looped cowl.

His reaction? 'Lynn- That looks pretty itchy. Doesn't it feel sort of like you're wearing a strip of burlap around your neck?'


Thanks heavens I don't allow other people's comments to affect my level enthusiasm for my latest project (remember this???) Especially since- I absolutely love this project.

So just to clear the air, I gotta tell you- this light and airy mohair/silk cowl does not in fact feel like burlap against my most sensitive skin- it feels more like little angels are kissing my neck.

HA! And the yarn used is called 'Angel'!

What the HECK are the odds?!?!?!?

What's more? You can wear this little number in a multitude of ways! (Does three ways count as a 'multitude?')


As I mentioned above, this project was inspired by a customer who brought her mohair cowl to the shop's annual Show and Tell two weeks ago. I cast on a few days after I saw her version, and after running into her at an Indian Restaurant over the weekend (and gushing over how I loved it so much that I'm making my own...), I thought I'd be a big fat phoney if I didn't follow through and get 'er done.

(So is that the secret to finishing projects!?!?!?!)

Pattern? Churchmouse Yarns and Teas Mohair Bias Cowl (we've got copies at the shop!)
Yarn? Two balls of Debbie Bliss Angel in 'Chestnut'
Needles? 6.5 mm circular by Chiagoo

Stay warm folks.

And remember- leave the burlap to the roses this time of year.


Anonymous said...

I think I'll pop in to the shop very soon. I love all the ways you can wear this!

craftedlandscape said...

I am definately casting on! This tuesday to more specific. I just love it and can think of many friends this would be suitable for as a Christmas gift!
Thanks Lynn and inspiring customer!

Monika said...

It looks great!

Nadia said...