Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fraternal Triplets

So, I've had this plan that I will knit a pair of socks each month from now until Christmas. This will ensure that there will be none of that panicked Christmas Eve grafting which has become a part of my Yuletide tradition. (This is one tradition that I will be happy to leave behind one of these years).

Everything was moving along fine and dandy until I cast on the second sock of a pair mid-September.

I finished the cuff and thought to myself 'Really!?!?? This matches???'

After consulting with many a knitter, it was established that no. This isn't a pair (in the traditional sense of the term).

My man friend (who already doesn't understand how I have the patience to knit socks seeing as I barely have the patience to wait for water to boil) said that he would happily wear them, even though they don't match.

But, I didn't cast these socks on with him in mind, and I have some Christmas gifts to knit already!

So, I finished the second... and then cast on a third.

There is a first for everything, and this is the first time that I have ever knit three socks to make a pair.

All I can imagine is that the sock-yarn-spinning-machine hiccuped, causing one ball to be vastly different from it's cousins.

I'm ok with it. While it's thrown me off schedule, it's not like I don't like knitting socks.

Besides, everyone is permitted to make mistakes every once in a while- even yarn spinning machines.

I have forgiven this yarn. So much so that I might have even cast on a turquoise pair for me...

Yarn? Sandnesgarn Strompegarn (I'm pretty sure that means 'sock yarn' in Norwegian) Fantasy
Needles? 2.5 mm double points
Pattern? It's still in my head... I should really get it out there and into the world someday.
Size? Mens 10

So, I suppose that it's time I think of a recipient with a need for three socks.

Or two people with the need for three socks?

As for that 'Sock Plunge' I commited to a while back... does this count as 1.5 pairs??? That would put me at 2.5/26.

Let me know.


Anonymous said...

they are truly truly fantay! all three of them!

Anonymous said...

maybe you should hang the "oddball" one by the chimney and see if St Nick can find you a mate!

Anonymous said...

I would give all three - just in case the wearer gets a hole in one...

Anonymous said...

This looks to me as if the yarn of the odd sock was labelled with the wrong dye lot. It's just a thought....