Thursday, December 23, 2010

Warm Greetings

And so- I ended my last blog post with some mutterings regarding all of the talented people I know. Which got me thinking as I floated through the shop today... Ooooooh lala. Am I ever speaking the truth! I couldn't escape the talent, even if I tried!

Case in point.

Back in the summer I had helped a customer out with picking out some yarn to make Christmas cards with. She said that she was going to knit up some swatch-sized fair isle and pop them onto some cardstock. Voila! Fuzzy Christmas greetings! She had told me about their progress each time she came back for a visit/yarn fix but I had yet to see them live in the flesh (er, wool).

Yarn- Sisu. Knitter- Customer Pat who won a squash from us once in a draw at Show and Tell 2009.

Well didn't it just take me by surprise when I strolled into the shop on Tuesday morning to discover a card tucked into the mailbox. The enclosed note said that after making one of these cards, she realized that only knitters would (or could!) really appreciate them- so we were the lucky recipient of one. She asked us to overlook any mistakes that she had made, but really!?!?!? What mistakes? I don't see any mistakes. Do you? Of course not!

May this be a lesson to us all- our mistakes scream at us but the recipient won't find them, even if they look. Good thing too. Because this Christmas, there are going to be a lot of mistakes tucked under my tree.

So, stay tuned- will ya? Because tomorrow there's some more talent that needs to be showcased.