Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And the Talent Goes On

I seem to recall a promise I made to you regarding sharing some more talent before Christmas came and went so darned fast. Well, I apologize. But that's exactly what happened. Where did Christmas go? BOOF! And it was done. Was the knitting done? Not exactly. But it was a perfect Christmas either way.

As for the aforementioned talent- VOILA!

If only I had laid out a measuring tape next to this sweet little creation. It's plus petite! I swear! 

Who made this you ask? Another dear customer! Who just so happens to be written up in the December issue of Canadian Living. For those of you who don't to have a copy of that magazine lingering in your washroom magazine basket, let me summarize for you.

Our customer and her buddy started making ornaments for all of their friends and their kids back in the late 80's. While their list of recipents started out at a rather modest number, it has since grown to 140 people. Yeah no... not kidding.

Now, the ornaments aren't knit each and every year- they switch up the medium each time. (The Canadian Living magazine gives the directions to make their 2007 wire and bead christmas tree ornament). But this year- it was bitsy stockings knit out of Lannett (a 3 ply baby wool that we stock). Not only that... but the stockings were stuffed with a marble, baby clemintine made out of Fimo, 2010 penny, candy cane, present and a reindeer.

Too cute for words.
Too many ornaaments to wrap my head around.

And what's on the agenda for next year you ask?

Tin angels.

That should likely go a wee tad faster than 3 ply wool.



Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn, coming to see you... soon. Maybe tomorrow (Thursday) or maybe the weekend. Soon. Hope you've had your wedding thinking cap on, and if not... I'll probably still find something!