Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Sometimes, It's Just Easier to Ask

I have a sister, who has spent her life surrounded by knitters (naturally). As a result of spending countless hours around 'people like me', she is well aware of the work and time that goes into making a knitted gift.

The problem is, when she is gifted something knitted, she never flippin' wears it.

We have found beautiful cable knit sweaters smushed into the back of her closet, delicate scarves crunched under her bed and mitts without their mate far too many times to count. It makes me queasy just to think about it...

So this year, much to my surprise she sent me a text that said 'IF YOU WANT TO KNIT FOR ME THIS YEAR, KNIT ME A SNOOD'.


 And done.

While I had wanted to leave an element of surprise to her gift, I gave up rather quickly after considering my hundreds of options and knowing her history. I decided to ask for more details.

The instructions that followed were as such.

I could hide my dinner in that thing!
I delivered.

Pattern- Welted Cowl by John Brinegar from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2010 (on newstands now!)
Yarn- Naturally Harmony 10 ply  5 skeins in shade 802
Needles- 5mm 80cm Chiaogoo Red circulars

Sorry. I have a crappy camera. I can't help it. 

Should she decide that this cowl just isn't neutral enough, or big enough- I have a solution.

But she'll wear it- right?

She'd better.

 Or else.


Anonymous said...

i'm sooo hoping she doesn't read this blog......she needs a surprise on Christmas am!

what would the knitter like knit for Christmas?
m xo

Anonymous said...

YOu're so funny, Lynn! I always enjoy your blog and have a good laugh after reading it.

Your x'mas present sures deliver...if not, maybe you can use it on you! It's beautiful!


Anonymous said...

I hope the ones she didn't wear found their ways into your own closet too. The snood is magnificent.

Anonymous said...

Am I delusional to think I can knit this, and finish a sweater before the 25th?