Friday, December 31, 2010

What's Old Is New Again

Does anyone remember this sweater?

I do. And I promise you $100.00 that my sisters do too. This is because I think that I can safely say that I have never lusted after a commercially produced sweater as much as I did this one. I was obsessed.

I had just turned 16 when this sweater hit the shelves at the Gap. I had missed the opportunity to put it on my birthday list, and my sister's best friend owned it already. At 16 this is pretty major of course. Since we all went to the same not-so-densely-populated school, I sure didn't want an article of clothing that makes such a statement when someone already had dibs on it. God forbid I buy a sweater at the Gap and get labelled as a 'copy cat'. 

The second factor that discouraged me ever purchasing this sweater, was that it cost cost over $100.00. I had quit my job at my dad's garden centre (it was an amicable parting of the ways) and when I figured out how many hours of babysitting that added up to, I thought I'd best be bet sticking to my strictly vintage wardrobe. Hrm. I probably should have kept that garden centre job... After some time, the sweater disappeared from the shelves at the local mall, and eventually from my 'Top 10 Things I Desperately Want' list. (Although I never fully got over it).

Fast forward 11 years. The Gap has decided that colour isn't cool this season, and the shelves do not reflect their rainbow past. BUT- the sweater came back from the dead to haunt me recently. In a Casper the Friendly Ghost kind of way. In the form of a... WINE COZY!

I met with a friend last Monday for brunch, and when she gifted me this- I almost had a heart attack right there. That sweater was finally mine. Hallelujah! Angels sing! She could have put an empty bottle of wine in that cozy and I would have been just as happy. I shall never drink the wine that is in there however, so that the sweater always has a body to cozy up to.

It's the New Year, and the theme of this celebration is new beginnings.

Here is to new projects, new friends and fresh starts.



Anonymous said...

What a great idea!! I have a sweater that would make an admirable wine cozy. Happy New Year to you, Lynn.