Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas is Coming...

 The goose is getting fat.

And this girl is going to give herself arthritis before the 25th. (It runs in the family, so I know that this is a major possibility).

I do have some tricks for you should you want to speed up the knitting/gifting process. It's worked for me and I'm pretty much done (minus the boyfriend scarf- who will just have to accept a project on the needles. I'll tell him to finish it himself. I am ready to knit for me now anyway.)

Trick Numer One- Throw on your iPod and crank up the music that you usually run/workout to. If you aren't the type to do that sort of thing (work out that is), I'll send you along my playlist. Nothing like some Black Eyed Peas to get you through those final NEVER ENDING stretches of booooring stocking stitch.
("YES! Tonight IS going to be a good, GOOD night!" I sing along as I stitch away).

Trick Number Two- Throw in a REALLY long movie and don't allow yourself to get up until the credits are rolling (not even to go to the washroom. You'll lose your stride). Last night I popped in The Great Escape and by the time that nice credit music was playing, I was actually casting off (it was also WELL past my bedtime mind you, but I accomplished my mission). Sleeping is SO under-rated this time of year anyway.

Or, if you have friends who are knitters- don't knit for them. Not right now anyway. Pick them up some stitch markers from Mary's made by my sister dearest. Only $10.00 and 100% of the cash goes to adopt as many sheep as we can for a village far away.

I have some connections to some pretty talented people.

I know it.


Anonymous said...

Arthritis is right. Who had the great idea to add a B list... or to start it? Foolish. I've got the house to myself and 2 toques and 4 inches of a back of a sweater (damn you lace yarn I knit and knit but it doesn't seem to get any bigger!) to finish. I'm thinking caffeine and sleeping at work tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice. Ill put your tips to the test tonight when I will be knitting non-stop for you know who.

Nice photos btw. and thanks for the shout out!