Wednesday, March 03, 2010

No Golds for this Girl

Well ladies and gentlemen... If knitting a black mini dress was my knitting Olympics challenge, I would have run through that finish line waving my arms screaming and shouting like a wild animal.

Sadly though, that was not the plan.

The Dale sweater did not get done. Although... I must say that I'm rather impressed that I was able to stick with that much black stocking stitch for over two weeks. Had it not been for the Olympics, I am confident in saying that it would have never happened.

See that? 20" of just plain ol' black stocking stitch. A bit of ribbing at the bottom and up the sides, but not much more to show than that.

One really smart friend of mine did make a suggestion though- why not aim for the end of the Paralympics!?!?!? That just might be possible. May I emphasize the MIGHT.

I realize it's just not in my nature to commit to one massive project at a time. I'm a polyamourous knitter, as in- I love to knit more than one thing at a time. If polyamoury is considered a sin in the knitting world- then I'm guilty as charged folks.

Take it or leave it.

In other news- a dear friend of mine just came back from Japan and brought with him a mini book just for me. I feel it's important to share the last two pages with you.

Allow my poorly polished thumb nail demonstrate to you just how small this book actually is

I want that pattern.


Anonymous said...

Team Effort = 1 Warm Sweater


Anonymous said...

cutest. book. ever!


KnitAddict said...

"polyamorous knitter" - I love it! I'm with you on that point. :)