Thursday, February 11, 2010

Because Nobody is Perfect...

I tend to never really mind whether or not my socks match up.

You know? The self-striping ones? If I have a blue ankle on one and a pink ankle on the other, I'm not usually too concerned. They're stuffed into my boots anyway. I get my joy out of knitting the colours, not ending up with a matching pair of socks.

BUT- I gave myself a mini-challenge a while back when I decided to cast these guys on.
"Make a pair of socks that actually match Lynn- just to see if you can do it."

Not to mention, these socks will shortly be gifted to a man whom I care enough about that I don't want him to be embarassed to cross his legs only to have people say 'DUDE! What's going on with those socks!?!?!? You can buy socks in pairs you know!'

I was ridiculously ticked with myself when they in fact matched. I even bragged a little about it to customers and my mother (you know... those that would 'get it').

Until... I decided to pop in a DVD during the 'heel turn' and 'heel pick-up'.
It was clearly a good DVD as I might have cut that heel flap a row or two too short.

And now...I'm off by one row.


And that row happens to be CARAMEL COLOURED!

This picture reminds me of my Grandpa for some reason...
I was SO close.

Never been closer.

Why could it not have been an extra row of grey??? I SO could have gotten away with it.

Le sigh...

Well, this pair most definitely put me in my place.
Teach me to be proud... and brag.
Now, let's see if the recipient notices... If he does, I'm going to pop him one.
Yarn Deets?
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Sock Yarn.
Colour 8703.
I found this lonesome ball in the $10.00 sock yarn basket at the shop.
Yup... Even I shop the deals at Mary's.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I almost bought that ball!! The stripes are amazing. Just think of that extra row as your humilty row, like the humilty block in an Amish or Mennonite quilt. They are BEAUTIFUL, and the recipient will, in all likelihood, never notice. Unless he reads your blog....

Anonymous said...

The recipient didn't notice but the creator pointed it out almost immediately.
I sure am one happy owner of a lovely pair of knitted socks. I showed them off to everyone I know.

Meghan Chapman said...

I circumvent this whole problem by buying socks in sets of three that are intentionally mismatched.

I do admire that you care enough about someone to make their socks match, they look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

lovely, well matched socks!
i wouldn't worry about that one row,a little "berserk" is a good thing!