Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Had One Foot in Cuba- the Other, in Portland

These were my vacation socks. I knit the first one in Portland last August when I was there for The Sock Summit. We had just arrived and during our first taste of the marketplace, I picked up some sock yarn to get me through the week. Shocking lime green, silk and merino blend- I like.

I wanted a simple pattern... but not my plain ol' vanilla style. So, I opted for a 'waffle weave' sorta thang.

I ploughed through that first sock, grafted the toe just as we landed in Toronto... and then left the other one until...


What you can't see is that I'm wearing a bathing suit, and knitted sock in this shot.
We'll probably keep it that way.

I cast on just before leaving and by the time I had arrived back on Canadian soil, I was a happy camper with a fresh new pair of (slightly large) socks.

It's funny you know... it's not like I haven't knit other socks in between knitting the first and second of this pair, but for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to knit these at home. They were strictly for casting on and off on airplanes. They sat at the end of my couch, patiently waiting for a mate until I was ready to provide one.

Thank goodness for air travel.

As mentioned above, they are a smidgen too large. I am thinking that they may just be packaged up for oooohhhh... I dunno... Mother's Day (did I just give something away here???)
It's so handy to have a loved one with SLIGHTLY larger feet. She has been the recipient of several of my 'too large' socks, and I the recipient of her 'too small' socks.

Good deal we've got figured out here.

While shocking lime green isn't exactly the colour that dear Mother Mary loves, these socks are filled with some tropical goodness.

I had better warn my dad not to be too surprised if my mom slips them on her feet and the travel bug bites.

Project DEEEEETS???

Yarn- Spud and Chloe Fine colour # 7801

Pattern- Spud and Chloe Two for One Socks- Leaflet 9806.

Needles- 2.75 mm Chiao Goo bamboo double points.

That work for you?
Works for me.


Anonymous said...

Awesome socks. And don't tell me that gorgeous flower is growing outside Mary's Yarns??!!