Sunday, March 21, 2010

Catch me Crocheting in Cuba

Ahhhh... le sigh.

This is where I have recently returned from. Sort of depressing- isn't it? To be back I mean... No more sun, sand and surf.

I had a wicked-fabulous trip and the weather was absolutely perfect. This is a VERY good thing because it means that I spent the majority of my time in the water swimming, and not in my hotel room knitting. Why is this SUCH a good thing you ask?

Because I left my yarn supplies at the back door on the way to the airport.

All I had was what I had managed to stuff in my carry-on, and that was more than enough for me on this trip as it turns out. (I shall share with you what it was in a later post).

Anyway, I just thought I'd share a snapshot of what I happened to stumble upon while strolling through Havana. Lovely ladies crocheting away in the streets. Crocheted things are available all over Cuba on the beaches and on the streets for goofy tourists like myself to indulge in. I was starting to wonder who was creating such beautiful things...

Here is my answer.

Note the yarn in the plastic bowl- brilliant!

Did I buy anything? You ask.

Of course! I'm a goofy tourist.

It's a dress.

Will I model it for you?

Not now.

If I had no issue with posting near-nude photos of myself on the interweb, I'd consider it. I need to find something to wear under it before I do such a thing. The flash will likely expose far more than you (or I) were really wanting to see/expose here. I am sure you will understand my dilemma.

Here is a little snippit for you though.

Gorgeous- no?

And for those of you that are keen to experience some warmer weather but just don't have the time to zip down to Cuba... here you are.

There is hope afterall.
Happy Spring everyone!


Anonymous said...

There are also snowdrops and even a pansy (not a viola) in bloom here in town. Glad Cuba was terrific - love the ladies crocheting. Looking forward to seeing the dress - maybe over the black Olympic dress/sweater?