Friday, November 01, 2013

So Fast, So Warm

Hallowe'en is behind us, the weather is getting chilly, and "quick knits' is something that I have been thinking about as of late as the countdown to Christmas is now in full effect (54 days- FYI).

I thought I would kick off this stretch of holiday knitting by churning through something super quick and easy. You know? Something that will help me convince myself that I CAN actually make it through the long list of gifts that I intend to conquer. (Pfft...)


So there you have it. Another chunky cowl that knits up faster than the speed of light. This baby was born in only a few short hours.

Not all that different from the ones I have churned through in the past... but different enough to keep it interesting.

Make one for you, make one for under the tree. 

Rather similar to how I was handing out candy last night, I must admit...


So, if you are also looking to update someone's winter wardrobe... here is what you need to know.

Pattern- Marshmallow Fluff by Sarah Kraly
Yarn- Cascade Magnum in shade 8236
Needles- 15mm (they're like broom handles!!!)
Mods- The pattern says to cast on 15 stitches, but I went for a whopping 25 and one skein was still enough. If you don't want your cowl as deep, then do what you're told and follow the pattern. (What a concept!)

It's Go-Time my friends.

Time to wrap yourself and your loved ones in all the wool you can find.

 Snow has already blanketed a large part of this fine country, so you had better be prepared!

You just might be next...


Michelle said...

That cowl looks deliciously warm and cozy! I would absolutely have to knit one for myself before I would be able to give one away! :-D

ms.tee.kay said...

I love - so snuggly and chic!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful. And I think I have the white chunky wool to do it justice!