Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thirteen Buttons For Baby

One of the absolute delights (among many) of working at a yarn shop, is having the pleasure of dealing with a handful of the "Grandparents-To-Be" of the world. There is truly NO ONE happier than someone who has just found out that they are about to become a Grandparent- even if it IS for the 39th time! The novelty appears to just never wear off...

So "baby stuff" is always a GO at Mary's Yarns. We could simply never have enough samples of baby knitting, so when people start requesting certain tiny garments, we do our best to listen up.

Which brings me to... this sleep sack, or "snuggle bag" as the pattern so aptly refers to it as.

Word on the street is that lots of babies are no longer taking their "blankies" to bed with them for safety reasons. I know that our nephew who is almost a year and a half now crawls into his sleep sack each night to cuddle down, and that kid sleeps like a log. His parents might very well argue otherwise... but I suspect that if he does kick up a fuss, it's not his "snuggle bag" that's the reason for it.

Snuggle bags? They're cute! A miniature sleeping bag with straps! Even the coldest of hearts out there will warm at the thought of such a thing... I know it!

When we knit anything for baby, for some reason we just assume that it's going to fly right off our needles. And while this is often the case... we neglect to take into account that there is usually a good deal of finishing involved. In this particular instance, lots of buttons and seams.

Thirteen buttons in total.

Not only am I superstitious... I don't particularly love sewing on buttons.

But I did.

Because I knew that the end effect would be so worthwhile.

But if buttons on a baby makes you sort of uneasy, you go right ahead and sew a zipper along that bottom curve. I just suggest that you don't turn to me for advice on how it's done however... As I will surely lead you astray.

I know that this is something that would get used again and again and again- (had it been knit for an actual baby, and not just the shop). Every night, in fact! It would fit a child from right out of the womb into the early days of toddler-dom.

So it's worth it. Totally and 100% worth each one of those thirteen buttons.

Details for all of you happy Grandparents-To-Be out there

Yarn- 6 balls of Peter Pan Merino Baby is shade 3035. SUCH good stuff. Well priced, washable, and 100% merino! That about nails it... 
Needles- 4mm, 80 cm Addi Turbo
Pattern- Baby Snuggle Bag from Peter Pan Baby Merino book 355

So stay warm knitters.

And a very happy and safe Hallowe'en to you all.

May your "treat" today, be a good block of time to do nothing other than...



Anonymous said...

Congrats on "FINISHING" the wee sleep sack. Looks amazing.....

m xo

Sue Speechley said...

that looks great not sure on all those buttons though, maybe large poppers would work

ms.tee.kay said...

The beautiful sleep sack + that stripey sleeper = the cutest thing going. SO NICE