Saturday, November 16, 2013

Some Cozy With Some Cashmere

My dad has a friend who used to host a morning TV show here in the Toronto area. This led to him having to get up at some ungodly hour each and every weekday so that he was bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to greet the city with a smile on his face when the show went live to air at 5:30 am. (All of a sudden... the time that your alarm clock is set at doesn't seem so gross now, does it?)

While he never complained about the hours he had to keep, he did comment on one occassion that November was always the most difficult month of all to drag himself out of bed.

Are you finding that these days?

Because despite our warmer than average November temperatures this year... I know that I certainly am.

Lucky for me... I just cast off these super-luxe fingerless gloves this week, and somehow, having these on my hands makes walking out the front door and into the frost covered universe just a little easier to bear.

Don't believe me?

If I told you that the yarn I used contained alpaca, camel, silk AND cashmere, then would you???

I thought so.

Polish- OPI "Cuckoo For This Color" from the Switzerland collection
Pretty AND cozy.

Like... cozy beyond your wildest dreams.

The ultimate in luxury.

You know... just pullin' some weeds in my cashmere gloves. NBD.

Imagine wearing these while sipping your first cup of coffee in the morning... Now that is what I call getting your engine revving in style!

Early Morning Info 

Yarn- The Fiber Company "Road to China Light" in the shade "Smoky Quartz", 2 skeins (BUT BARELY! Had I cut back on the arm length just a bit, I would have easily gotten the pair out of one skein)
Needles- 3.75mm double pointed
Pattern- Susie Roger's Reading Mitts by Susie Rogers- FREE on Ravelry

So for all of you who are looking to treat yourself a little in this otherwise rather dreary month... then get on it. Cast on and see what the fuss is all about.

Your boss will surely notice how brightly you are shining in the midst of a month where your co-workers are surely all asleep at their desk.

An oldie... but a goodie.
Whether or not you care to share the news with your co-workers that your knitting is the secret to your success... is entirely up to you.


Unknown said...

This pattern is in my ravelry queue! I've just been looking for the perfect yarn ... what great timing! Guess I have some shopping to do :)

Anonymous said...

They're perfect!! Sign me up...I want in on this!!

ms.tee.kay said...

love - and your polish SO AMAZING!