Thursday, October 24, 2013

House = Warmed

 A good reason for my less-than-chatty ways on this blog as of late, is that we are still living out of boxes and I am feeling completely and utterly disorganized. As my mom put it not too long ago "It's like we're camping". And she's right.

We're totally camping.

Except that... our roof doesn't leak and we have a thermostat to control these chilly nights that have recently come upon us. Thank goodness for that!

We are still in the process of trying to sell our old place, so we have the minimum amount of furniture with us in our new one. And I mean... MINIMUM. People came over this past Saturday evening, and we actually sat on the living room floor. We have one table, two kitchen chairs, two Ikea Poang chairs, our TV, a bed... and that's pretty much it. LIVING ROOM FLOOR. Such terrible hosts...

The thing about a house with no furniture- particularly an old house- is that it can be pretty chilly. Especially as the cooler months make their imminent presence more apparent to us.

Back in late September, my long time friend Carolyn came over to check out our new digs and... sit on the floor with me for a visit. It was one of the first REALLY cold nights of Fall and just so happened to be the night that I turned on the heat for the very first time.

She showed up at our place, not only with a bottle of wine and a beautiful handmade card in tow, but also with a STUNNING handmade blanket. A housewarming gift, in the most literal sense of the term.

Thick, chunky, 100% wool.

And it is without a doubt, 100% beautiful.

We wasted no time putting it to VERY good use, that very night. Such great timing!

While I had been informed that this blanket was going to happen, she picked the colour all on her own. And it's perfect. A rich teal that will keep us cozy on the coldest of days.

And a beautiful lace pattern that will be a pleasure to look at, no matter what the weather.

Don't believe me that someone could love us this much?

I don't blame you... I'm having a hard time believing it myself!

But here you have it.

This blanket makes me feel less like we're camping, and more like we're "glamping"
So now, I would say that we are fully 'covered' (pun intended), should you decide to pay us a visit in our new/old house.

I am warning you beforehand that you just might get chilly- so wear your woolens.

But should you forget... I am sure that between this, this and now this... you will be able to find yourself something cozy to curl up under.

Even if it is on the living room floor...

Warm and Knitterly Details For All

Yarn- 13 balls of Cascade Lana Grande in shade 6049 (I think...)
Pattern- Jared Flood's Umaro
Needles- Hm... not so sure. 10mm I'm guessing??
Mods- My buddy ran out of yarn just shy of two repeats. I told her just to do the border, and cast off. It's the perfect size, and continuing to knit onwards, just because the pattern told her to seemed silly.

So thank you Carolyn!

Our house and our hearts are now warm to the max.

No matter what our old thermostat says...

Stay warm friends!


Michelle said...

I LOVE the Umaro blanket!! I knit one as a gift a couple year back, and swear I'm going to get around to knitting one for myself soon! I'm pretty sure I don't have any knitters in my life who would knit one for me. You're a lucky lady.

ms.tee.kay said...

SO Beautiful! Wow -- that indeed will make your house a home :)

Anonymous said...

It's perfect...the colour with that pattern....gorgeous!