Tuesday, October 15, 2013

And... Onto The Next Pair

 Have you ever finished a project not because you actually wanted to finish the project... not because you actually needed whatever that project was (in this case... a pair of socks)... and not even because you have a deadline looming (even if you actually do!) but you finish simply because you find yourself REALLY wanting to use the needles and project bag for something else?

For example... this week, I decided to pull out my #1 fave project bag that my good buddy Tara made me when I got engaged back in May of 2012. Hidden within that project bag, was a pair of socks that I had started in the Spring that I have been chipping away very slowly at. Don't some socks seem to feel like they take FOREVER to knit, while others just fall off the needles??? No matter how amazing the yarn is? Or is that just me?

I had a new ball of yarn in hand that I was all keen to get rolling with, but this roadblock stopped me right in my tracks. I couldn't very well evict the perfectly good socks that were SO close to completion, just because I had the urge to cast on something else!

As for the needles- let's be real. I have access to a yarn shop at any hour of the day, but in a way to try and tame that wild woman within me that wants to grab a new pair of needles for every project that I ever make... I have been trying my hand at just FINISHING the odd project so that I can use those needles, rather than always reach for a new pair. This certainly doesn't always work, but it's a start.

So, after a few terse words with myself (when a girl wants to cast on, a girl wants to cast on!), I sat down for a few good hours, finished these socks and promptly turned around and got rolling with what was next on my "TO KNIT" list.

I sort of love when yarn pools all crazy-like on a pair of socks
 It was worth it. Right? A black and white pair of socks for yours truly with little pops of pink. 

I love it.

And while I grumbled at the thought of having to finish them (so ridiculous), I'm pretty pleased that I did. 

While there is nothing fancy about these puppies... There is also NOTHING better than a freshly knit pair of socks.

Info For All of You Nosey Sock Knitters  

Yarn- Manos Allegria in shade 8105 "Cabaret" (Set to land at Mary's Yarns sometime in the next few weeks!)
Needles- 2.5mm 80cm Addi Turbo- I made the switch! I think I'm an official "Magic Looper" now! (Who AM I!??!?!)
Pattern- The one that I keep stored in my head where I should really be keeping other useful information.

As for the project bag... You're with me, right?

Cutest. Bag. EVER!

Happy Fall to you all!


ms.tee.kay said...

TOTALLY Worth it! Those socks are beautiful :) high five on getting it done!

Anonymous said...

The socks are fabulous. I have a Never Ending Sock on the needles too. Sadly, it's the first of a pair.

Anonymous said...

Right you are! Cutest. Bag. Ever!! And some awesome socks too! So, what is this next project??


Wanderingcatstudio said...

There's nothing better than a pair of crazy hand-dyed vanilla socks!