Wednesday, December 05, 2012

When Wool Gets Woven

We have a friend at the shop whom we have known since the first few weeks of opening up our doors almost ten years ago. She is a prolific knitter whose sleep patterns I question as I have done the math... and really have no idea how she manages to get through as much as she does in a day.

Her knitting is always beautiful (I mean always) and more recently, so is her weaving.

Several months ago she popped into Mary's Yarns to pick out the wool to weave my sister and her husband a blanket as a wedding gift. I helped her pick out some beautiful shades of purples and browns, and as we were laying them all out to admire our selection, she spotted my newly acquired engagement ring.

'Are you getting married too?' she asked.

'Yup' said I.

'Well...' she paused,  'you may as well pick out your colours while we're at it!' What kept her from running out the door screaming is beyond my wildest dreams...

As it turns out, I didn't pick out my colours that day- but I didn't have to.

I left that up to the expert.

And not surprisingly, she did a most wonderful job.

Not only did she do a wonderful job with the colour selection, but with the weaving itself.

Absolutely wonderful.

Our blanket... is stunning. So much so that when I got home that night and draped it over a chair to admire it, even my husband (OH! I love saying that word! HUSBAND!) said 'WHOA! Where did that come from!?!?! Now THAT, is a nice blanket.'

Home decor isn't exactly his 'thing'. I was rather shocked that the dear man even noticed it at all!

So trust me... that says it all right there.

While I can't say that this present was a complete surprise, it was more surprising than one might think.

Even when you've been given a major clue such as 'Lynn, pick out the colours you want for your own blanket' (can I even call that a clue???) you don't actually believe it until it is finished, right in front of you, with your very own name on the gift tag.

He asked to be in the photo.
I couldn't refuse such a face.
It was just last week that we were presented with our present and already I have curled up under this beautiful blanket to nap, to knit, to read and to watch a movie. It's only a week old, and I've already put it to work.

You might think that she intentionally coordinated her colours with my cushion, wouldn't you?

The yarn? Cascade Eco.

How many skeins? We don't know... but several. Let's say several.

Needle size? HA! Just kidding. I can't talk weaving... so I'm not even going to try.

So thank you friend. Winter is upon us and these nights are getting chilly. Nothing like a thick wool blanket to keep the shivers at bay.

And to all of you dear knitters, I hope that you are also staying warm.

Because I know that we certainly are. ♥


Susan said...

Stunning! I don't usually like the look of woven things, especially compared to knitting which is where I prefer my wool goes, but after this I might spend the afternoon researching looms...

Chrissy said...

Oh WOW! That is incredible. How utterly gorgeous and how lovely to have it made especially for you. That is going to be a proper heirloom blanket.

Michelle said...

WOW. Just, WOW! You weren't messing around. She is amazing! That blanket is completely gorgeous! I'm envious that I'm not able to produce anything so lovely!

Anonymous said...

It is so gorgeous. Does this friend teach weaving? Inquiring minds with a loom want to know.

Unknown said...

What an amazing present, it is stunningly gorgeous! WOW!!

Anonymous said...

Very many thanks for your kind words about my weaving.
It was made with our best wishes for you both for a long and happy married life.

May it be with you for many years to come.

Your Friend

(No, I don't teach weaving but have had a great teacher for the past two years that I have been weaving.)

Anonymous said...

U, Beautiful indeed. Your are becoming a great weaver. I saw your bunnies this fall and was amazed with the quality of your edges.
What a lovely gift for a lovely couple.
Wishing you all the very best,