Monday, December 03, 2012

Toasty Toes for Two

I have a friend- a really good friend- from whom I have drawn much knitting inspiration over the years. Her knitting is beautiful, her stitches even, her production level impressive, and her projects, unique.

Throughout her career, she was a knitting teacher. More specifically, a handwork teacher- but much of her teaching revolved around knitting. Dreamy... right? Over the years she had the privilege to watch literally hundreds of children discover the joy of knitting.

While she did not teach me how to knit, I was fortunate enough to sit as a student of hers for two years, and she has quite literally watched me (and my knitting!) grow.

Much to my disappointment, she was unable to attend our wedding due to a previous commitment, but she so graciously stopped by the shop just days before, with a beautiful gift bag in tow.

I had strict instructions not to open the bag until we were married, and I gladly sat tight and waited. I am rather impatient by nature, so while the waiting nearly killed me, I knew that this surprise would be worth the wait.

After our two day post wedding trip, the first thing we did when we got in the door was open our gift. While I wasn't entirely sure what our gift was, I could tell from the weightlessness of the gift bag that it certainly wasn't a package of mixing cement.

While it might be crass to admit this... I am going to. Deep down, I had my fingers crossed that our wedding gift from her was something of the knitting sort.

As it turns out, I was right.  


His and hers socks. 

So perfect.

In every way possible.

On left- Opal Shade 5431
On right- Opal Shade 5430

Knit at a nice tight gauge to prevent holes, re-enforced heels, ribbing down the leg and top of the foot for a snug fit, stripes lined up exactly to the stitch- there are so many things about these socks that make them wonderful.

What's more, is that she had me unknowingly choose my own wedding sock yarn! What a sneaky thing to do... But oh-so clever! She had been in the shop a while back and as I enthusiastically showed her our latest shipment of Opal Van Gogh sock yarn, she ended up buying the two balls that I was most keen on.

She left the shop leaving me feeling quite chuffed that she had actually listened to my opinion (a true Knitting Queen if there ever was one- listening to me!?!?!?) only to surprise me weeks later with the yarn not only knit up, but knit up with me and my man in mind.

Warm toes together

I'll take 'His & Hers' socks over 'His and Hers' monogrammed towels any day. 

Those stripes... so perfectly lined up!

So thank you dear friend for the thoughtful and warm wedding gift. My man and I are lovers of hand knits, and lovers of warm toes. Getting married in November, we should have thought to register for hand knitted socks... but thanks to you, we didn't have to.

You just knew.

Here's to keeping those toes toasty over the upcoming cooler months.



Chrissy said...

Only a knitter can truly appreciate a gift of hand knit socks properly. For you and your new husband to have a pair each, she must deem you "knitworthy" in the extreme! What a wonderful wedding gift.

nattletarts said...

What a great gift! I love handmade gifts!

Michelle said...

OMG. Adorable and such a wonderfully thoughtful gift.

Anonymous said...

Seeing as we are already married...would renewing our vows get us any closer to a gift as amazing as this?!

ms.tee.kay said...

A perfect set of pairs for a perfect pair (from one amaaazing knitter) - beautiful!

Anonymous said...

glad you like them!
lots of good wishes went into all the stitches!

Susan said...

What a thoughtful gift! Knitters are the best. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful socks, and a beautiful gift.