Friday, December 07, 2012

Us Knitters? We Sassy.

When I started to plan my wedding, the first question people would ask me was 'So what are your wedding colours?' to which I replied 'Huh?'

Er, I must confess... I had no clue that weddings had colour schemes. But I must also confess to knowing very little about weddings at all.

So in order to have an answer ready for anyone that asked, I picked out some grey and green invitations that I fancied and ran with it. It felt like a pretty good starting point.

And you know what??? It worked (if I do say so myself!). The green was a lovely pop of much needed colour in an otherwise somewhat dreary month and the grey worked as a beautiful backdrop for my brightly hued flowers. I was pleased with the outcome.

What I was also pleased with however, was this incredibly thoughtful gift made by my buddies Lynn and Kerry. (Remember them???)

Most definitely inspired by my wedding colours.


Ah. Maze. Ing.


Wedding colours or not, I flippin' love it.

The grey yarn and the green Christmas balls? A perfect blend of contrasting colour and texture. SO beautiful.

Since the colours were just so perfect for my big day, I didn't hesitate for a moment to incorporate this wreath into my wedding decor. It hung proudly on the podium where the speeches were made, for all of our lovely guests to see.

This wreath contains luxury fibres only- HELLO!

So thank you dear friends. I love it like crazy and it will hang on many doors for years to come.

I appreciate you parting with all of the beautiful yarn from your stash (talk about stash busting!!!), and I appreciate all of those glue-gun inflicted blisters I saw on your poor hands. Those blisters must have seriously hindered your Christmas knitting productivity levels and I can't thank you enough.

OH! And I almost forgot to share one little detail with you.

Silly me... how could I?!?!?

I urge you to take a moment to check out the tag that was included on the wreath.

And who says knitters aren't sassy people?!?!?!

Talk about starting off my marriage with a BANG!

Much love. ♥


Susan said...

These are really cool wedding colors! There was a moment last year where I mistakenly almost got married, and picking colors out was crazy frustrating. Unless you pick Pantone's colors of the year or whatever, it's easy to get stuck and too wrapped up in finding the exact colors for all the stuff you need. I'm always impressed by yarn wreaths, but this one is OUTSTANDING, especially with the green added in :)

Michelle said...

WOW! You have very talented and generous friends. I think these yarn ball wreaths are fab.

ms.tee.kay said...

it looks SO good. Beautiful pics!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful gift, Lyn. And what a great idea for a Christmas wreath!! I just might have enough stash to try this myself......

Angel said...

wow Lynn, the colour combo is so creative! I love it. And the closer look is making me drooling....amazing is right!

Congrats again on your wedding. Can't wait to see pic of your big day!