Monday, August 08, 2011

One Down, Twenty Five To Go

While in Austria back in May I came across Hundertwasserhaus- a community designed by the Austrian artist himself. As I was snapping photos and rambling on and on (and on, and on) about how much I would adore to live in a place that looks like that, I was reminded that I had cast on a pair of Opal Hundertwasser socks while watching the Royal Wedding back in April.

Nothing fancy... just plain ol' vanilla socks- but oh such beautiful colours!

I did my best to explain to my travel companion that I had some 'Hundertwasser yarn in my stash', but it was lost on him. Upon arriving back home however, I dug these socks out of the deep dark depths of one of my many UFO bins and knit onwards and upwards.

In case you haven't noticed... I don't tend to 'match my stripes'. Apologies if it hurts your eyes.

Around the same time that I returned home, a customer challenged me to a '26 pair plunge'.

The goal? To knit 26 pairs of socks in one year (we have until June 30th, 2012). Now, you can include pairs of socks that you have already started... you just have to have finished up 26 pairs in one year. Now, since that's the case- I'm game!

I have more 'single socks' tucked in various bags and drawers throughout my house, I can't even begin to tell you.

Since this Christmas looks like it's going to be 'The Year of the Sock' for many of my gift recipients, I figure that this challenge is just right up my alley. Let's git 'er done.

Shall we?

Yarn? Opal Hundertwasser shade 750 'Blinde Venus'
Needles? 2.5mm
Pattern? It's in my brain

So there you have it. 1/26 complete. And I grafted that toe on the plane to Portland. What a super way to kick off the Sock Summit. (And what a great trip to kick off the 26 Pair Plunge with!)

So, thanks Hundertwasser. For beautiful yarn inspiration, and beautiful water treatment towers.

You're the best.


Anonymous said...

I was delighted to visit Hundertwasserhaus when visiting Vienna a few years back. I love the socks (including the mismatched stripes) and will definitely be asking you for that yarn!

Anonymous said...

So are you going to have a countdown on the side of your blog? I'm impressed with your drive - knit on!!

Anonymous said...

he is indeed the best!
working on a pair of "Hundertwasser" socks myself just now.
among other things.