Monday, June 06, 2011

What Happened Last Week When I Wasn't Knitting

Last week I went on a ridiculous hike that involved LADDERS. (Have you ever even heard of such a thing!?!?!?)

Note- these shoes that look incredibly too large for body look that way because... they are. They aren't my shoes. But I was warned this wasn't the kid of hike that I could get away with wearing Birkenstocks.

But when I made it to the top, I must say that the view was entirely worth it.

 Wouldn't you?

If only it wasn't so darned hard to become a Swiss citizen...

I might never have come back.


Anonymous said...

welcome home!


Monika said...

You were in Switzerland? Did you go to Austria for a quick visit too? You could have found a climb with ladders there too. ;o)

Meghan Chapman said...

dude, our men can get swiss citizenship. We butter them up... and we're in!

God I love that place! I hope you cheesed big time!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your travel posts!!!
flowers, yarn, food, scenery...
you have covered it all!
can't wait to hear all about it!