Thursday, June 09, 2011


As promised, today is a knitting day here. Or at least... a 'knitting content' day.

When in Vienna,  I scouted out some yarn shops. (It's something I do in any city I find myself in- as I'm sure you do too). After polishing off that schnitzel I so kindly shared with you a few days back, I suggested to my man-friend that we go on a hunt for a yarn shop that was supposedly right near where we were staying/eating schnitzel.

Since we were due to burn a few calories, (and because he is terribly supportive of this 'habit' of mine), he agreed to the stroll.

Well much to my surprise, less than 10 minutes and we were there.

Now... do I know how to choose my hotels or WHAT!?!?!

The shop? Laufmasche.

While I forgot to take a photo of the sign, I shall take you on a virtual tour.

Through the door and to the left.

It's like shopping for shoes! Pick the one you like and the clerk gets you what you need.

And do a 180 degree spin and you're faced with this.

 I might have picked up a few skeins from that centre unit- made in Austrial!

A cozy corner to curl up in.

And a happy shop owner who was super cooperative when I suggested that we do a 'photo shoot'.
('Stupid tourist'... she actually thought).

And my knitting? I did a lot more ripping than knitting on this trip (or it would seem, anyway).

But regardless, this is what my tray looked like on train from Vienna to Munich.

Now, do I know how to have a good time- or WHAT!?!?!


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