Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's the "Party-Cardi"

Oh yes- what a perfect party outfit!
Wouldn't you just be entirely intrigued by any woman who bust through the party doors in this little number?
She would be the girl that you just HAVE to get to know. The one that gets all the good lookin' men and drinks on the house. The one that every woman in the room wants to be.

So what if she's only 6-12 months old?

In any case- cute! Non?
Le sigh... I do love this little get-up.
I even went to the mall to buy a dress to go with it. This cardigan called for an 'outfit'.
It needed to be a part of an 'ensemble'.

I walked around the store with just the sleeve of the sweater to match it up to something. The lady at the counter asked me what it was and when I told her it was a sweater that I was knitting, she told me I was really 'cute' for knitting. "You must save a lot of money by knitting!" she exclaimed. I smiled politely and told her that wasn't exactly the point. What else was I to say?

That was rude of me.
Wasn't it?

The sweater details-
Yarn- Wendy's Peter Pan DK
Needles- 4mm
Pattern- Sirdar pattern # 1708

Oooooh! And speaking of 'party'! It's Mary's (AKA my mother's!) birthday today!
Cupcakes and cappucinos for everyone!

Party, party! In a hot pink cardi!



Anonymous said...

Love the cardi - you should make one for yourself!!! Happy Birthday Mary - I'll be in this week to see you.

Anonymous said...

not just a darn good knitter, but I think you should consider an career in party planning....I'll be there.