Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Creative ADD

Yup. That's what my mother diagnosed me with yesterday. She's right though you know. I cast on a new project more frequently than I feed myself. It's getting to be a bit much.
I have four baby sweaters on the go right now.
That might be alright if I was expecting a baby, or even knew of lots of babies- but I don't.

So, just bear with me.
Work in progress shots can be boring, but then again, so is not posting for a month.

I'm close folks.
So close to finishing something, I can smell the ends being woven in.

On another note- it's my wee brother's 17th birthday today.
I'm not so sure I should still be calling him wee (I'm the 5'7" runt of the family) but I do remember the days when he was.

Happy Birthday.

And to you knitters- Happy Knitting.


Anonymous said...

Love that phrase - "creative ADD". I'm suffering the same thing at the moment.