Monday, September 22, 2008

"Harmony"-ously Cabled

Oh look! It is possibe to finish a sweater after ignoring it for an entire year.

No, no silly. I didn't do it. My MOM did! I just modeled it! Didn't you read my last post? (I'm still working on my problem, but I think I'm making some progress).
This sweater is actually for my patient sister (with much longer arms than me), who will have to be patient for one more year as it sits in the store for all of you folks to see live-in-the-flesh.
Oh, and trust me, it's worth the drive.
It's soft and squishy as can be. I suppose that's the beauty of merino. That stuff never fails to amaze me when I see it knit up.
It' such a delightful yarn in fact, that Mary herself said she can't wait to cast on in this yarn again. Her mind has been spinning with more ideas for it.

Please let it be known that Mary ignoring this project for a year is not at all a reflection of the yarn- but a result of what happens when you make a big mistake.
Knitter's (well, at least the knitters in this house) seem to think that if they leave a project alone for a year, the mistake just might fix itself.

The mistake was in the pattern so be aware that it's there.
Not a huge deal... just kind of a huge deal when you are way up the back and discover it.
The schematic and the written measurements don't correspond. Mary follows the schematic and of course... ended up with a too short sweater.
The problem was solved and she got back to it.

Mission accomplished.
Wouldn't you say?

Er, that shot was to show off the cabling down the arm.
Did I make my point?

Want some details?
Here you go lovely knitter.

Pattern- From Vogue Fall 2006, page 97.
"Cabled Tunic" by John Brinegar.
The pattern doesn't show a turtleneck but my mom decided to switch it up and kept it simple. My sister loves to be warm and toasty.

Yarn- Naturally's Harmony 10 ply

Couldn't you just bury your face into that?
When you come to visit it at the store, and when I'm not looking, GO FOR IT!

Dear knitter, I leave you with these lovely sunflowers.
Our backyard is full of them.
I couldn't resist.

I'm off, to finish something.
I think I might have just been inspired. I just got so much satisfaction out of someone else's project, maybe I should finish my own!


Meghan Chapman said...

Looks lovely! I am a firm believer that aged projects are the very best kind! Like wine or cheese... I wish that the same could be said for messy kitchens!

MsTypo said...

Are you saying that knitting mistakes *don't* fix themselves?! *eek* That doesn't bode well for my "heal thyself" project box.

Anonymous said...

Wait, Wait, wait. Do you mind clarifying which sister it is for? I do have long arms, I am your sister, and also like to keep warm. Im thinking Ive got good odds at wearing this one day in a year or two, whether I have to borrow it or not. Please dont leave me hanging. I LOVE IT!
gO mom!
PS. did you just spoil a chirstmas surprise for emma or i?

Anonymous said...

What a BEAUTIFUL sweater! I think it's totally worth it to wait a year for a fabulous sweater like this. I especially love the cabling work around the arm (love your post too!). It looks cozy and toasty. I will sure come by just to feel the love in this sweater!