Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My Current Love

That's it.
That's him.

I'm smitten.

He has yet to be named.
We're working on it though.


Le sigh..


Anonymous said...

Awww - he's sweet.
For names? Not so much help - our male cat is Victor (yes, after Victor Newman on the Y&R; kitty has a black mustache). How about Frank?

Anonymous said...

so cute!
i look forward to meeting him.
how is he with yarn?
ciao... helga

Megan said...

Kitten! Love him! I like human names for cats like Bob, Ted, George. (Though mine are named Dougal and Merlin.) Being striped he looks a bit like a Hobbes to me.

MsTypo said...

He's adorable!!! And I bet you know where to find a ball or two of yarn for him to play with. LOL

As for names, i'd like to suggest a personal favourite: Typ0! :D :D

Meghan Chapman said...

How about Bitsy Bopper?

Nan said...

Since cats purr, and keeping in mind a knitting theme - how 'bout Purl?

Jackie said...

O so cute ! My girl says : how about Flash ?

Anonymous said...

SOoooooo....cute! What a adorable kitten! Welcome to Harvey to your family. Hope he will have lots of joy with you and your yarns! So cute.....