Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where are all the Pictures Lynn?

Alright- here we are. My first ever picture-less post.
I promise not to make a habit of this.
As boring as this may all look on the surface, trust me for a moment.
I have a link for you.
Where will it take you??? You ask.

I did a little spring green baby set for Estelle Designs in the winter out of their heavenly Cloud Cotton (what I am currently crocheting on and on and on with). It entirely slipped my mind to take pictures of it, and now it's out of my hands, and up on their website- pattern and all! Right smack-dab there on their homepage.

Take a peek.

I'm in the midst of doing another one. I promise that I'll take pictures of that one.
Promise, promise, promise.
This 'pictureless' thing shall not be repeated.


Anonymous said...

Ahh it's gorgeous! Congrats! I love all the little details :)


Anonymous said...

beautiful! great to see your designs in print and my favourite peas in a pod shade of green for babies.


MsTypo said...

Wow congrats!! The design is gorgeous! :))