Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What a Colourful Week it Was

Last week I couldn't feel too sorry for myself. I was surrounded by the most visually appealing things ever.
To start?
The clematis outside the shop. Don't you just want to throw yourself into this wall of purple?
I fortunately managed to refrain.

Some beautiful Shetland Fingering weight yarn by Elemental Affects.
The whole colour range (you know how I feel about colour).
I carried that rack around the store (inside and out) just so that it didn't stray too far from my line of vision.

Shibui Knits Sock yarn- not just for socks of course!
I have my heart set on casting on some of this glorious yarn ASAP.
It's like... butter.
Colourful butter.

We managed to colour some yarn of our own this weekend at the shop as we had our dying workshop on Sunday. Photos... to follow. We had one heckuva good time.
Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

More gorgeous yarn! Looking forward to seeing the yarn you dyed yourselves. And the clematis is amazing. Mine only had two flowers this year - guess it didn't like being moved (again)!