Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sunny Sundays of Summer

Beautiful weather and looooovely people made my past Sunday one worth documenting. Our yard/driveway at the shop was transformed into a wonderful yarn dying haven.

Dear Christine lead us all in a workshop and beautiful things were created.
So beautiful in fact that a dog walker walking by asked if we were dying wool to sell for the week.
That's how beautiful it was.
(Imagine we actually did it that way?!?!?!)

I, of course, appreciated how people dyed yarn to match their outfits. Did they even realize they were doing that?
This tank top/sock yarn combo made me want to whip out my morraccas and throw on a grass skirt for a little 'number'.

I think that few words are needed here.
You get the idea.
We dyed this beautiful stuff.

All of it.

And in a crockpot?
Did you even know you could do that?

If you ask me... that looks far more delicious than beef stew.

Look out Fleece Artist.
Here we come.

(Thanks to Pam for all of the wonderful photos! Your skills indeed far surpass mine in that department! Merci!)


Anonymous said...

OH I Love it. Esp. the purple in the pot. What a beautiful gift hand dyed and knit socks would make. Maybe Ill try this when I get home in August.

Anonymous said...

that looks totally delicious!
i'll have to sign up for the next workshop!

Meghan Chapman said...

How do I get in to the next dyeing day?

It looks great!

Craftlover said...

Oh, I love dying the yarn , it's SO MUCH FUN !
too bad that i missed this great fun time!