Saturday, January 27, 2007

Christmas Clogs...

I know... it's a month later here but I am just getting to posting pictures of Christmas knitting. I figured that I would save it for a time when I needed a bit of 'tying-over' in between projects. I seem to be in the midst of numerous 'almost done' projects, not to mention (ahem) school work.

Anyway, all of that knitting I was doing before Christmas was none other than felted clogs for my three siblings. I must confess... it got a little monotonous but at least it was kept even. It was also a bit of an experiment on my part. An experiment in felting wool that is... as I used a different brand for each pair. Now, I ran into a bit of a problem here... I panicked a wee bit and didn't felt them down as much as they needed to be felted. They were all given GIANT slippers for Christmas. I didn't get around to tossing them in the wash one last time before I took off for Halifax once again, so I left it in the hands of my poor mother to finish up the process. My one sister still wore hers around but I anticipate several tumbles down the stairs if she keeps that up.

Anyways, since they were never completely felted, I don't have any shots of them finished, felted and on feet. I would only have pictures like that if... I was a completely organized person. Which, I'm definately not. But, I did manage a shot of them after being knit.

The brown pair on the bottom were for my brother made out of Galway.
The coral and mauve pair were done out of Cascade 220.
And the dark purple and green (yes... that's what they are) were done out of Brown Sheep.

Which did I like better???
I don't know.
Tough call. I like... them all?
The pair that I did for myself were out of Cascade 220 and I must say that they have held up quite well. I initially liked the Galway the most but the fuzziness of the Brown Sheep was just so...enticing. Those ones ended up being the most expensive though, as I had to buy more yarn for those last few stupid rows... (the bottoms don't match because they were going to end up being $60.00 clogs which I provided the labour for).

Anyways, it was a fun little task and perhaps at some point in my blogging life I will get a picture of them all felted up and on feet.
Don't count on that until next Christmas though.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn -- I read your blog more often than I send you notes but I want you to know that I enjoy it. I LOVE that little vest and it's so easy that even a basic knitter like me could pull it off. Do you think Beth and Sarah would each like one? (once Beth gets her figure back, that is). We'll see. I'm busy with my loom right now so those little knitting projects may have to wait until fall ....