Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Knitted neon

So... I got my act together and not only did I finish knitting something, I actually picked up a needle and sewed it together. That happens... rarely in my life.
I sadly decided to take some pictures of this creation late at night, before my departure from Toronto back to Halifax and these wildly vibrant colours desperately need natural sunlight in order to register on the beloved camera. So, I completely apologize for the terrible photos. I will get some nicer and clearer ones, someday.
Anyway... I'll share the details with you.
It's... a blanket.
Knit out of Manos del Uruguay.
I have spoken about it earlier in this little knit-blogging-diary of mine.
I had dreamt of it having a lovely fringe along the bottom of it, like a scarf, especially because I had oodles left over. But when the end came around... and my mom made the suggestion that tassles on each corner might be more practical... I embraced the idea, but ran out of time.
The blanket is not with me.
It's in Toronto, proudly displayed at my mom's shop. (as far as I am aware)
The honking huge tassles I have in mind are going to have to wait until I am reunited with the store, and the blanket.

So, here's a terrible picture for you to squint at. (sunglasses are strongly recommended)
And another one.

And another one.

This blanket started out in the summer as we were doing a workshop of sorts at the store which became known as 'the-block-of-the-month-club'.
Each month, knitters would come and knit a block.
The blanket, having 12 blocks total would ensure completion after one full year.
The pattern was the Four Seasons Throw and although it is knit in strips, we made an exception here.
I started late, and I finished early I'll admit, but it was a bulky project and I wanted to get it finished and home to show the group so that I don't have to haul it back in May when I return for goooooood.
When they day does come that I head back, I shall be sure to tack some tassles on there and haul it out on a warm sunny day for a nice photo shoot.

So, now I am working on designing a living room to go with the blanket. Surely there isn't one already out there.


Anonymous said...

People have been handling your latest creation so much ,that it is sure to be "toned down" by the time you see it again! Wait'll you see the other things we have been doing with Manos..

Anonymous said...

geez... i wonder who anonymous is??

lovely blanket! i will have to make a point of fondling it when i am next in the store.
i have told your Mom how much i enjoy your message on the store's answering machine. you hit such a good note!
take care, enjoy your last fling as a student!