Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lynn did some dying.

So, I tried my hand at dying.
The result? Not quite as satisfying a final product as hoped, but a completely satisfying process, for sure.
I enjoyed it immensely. I did it last sunday evening and what a perfect project for a sunday.

I bought one of these Louet kits from The Loop a while back and finally got around to doing it.

I got myself the 'green' kit and was surprised to see that it didn't have various shades of green... but a deep blue, an olive green and a bright yellow. Now, I realize that together they are all 'greenish' but the website made it look to me like it was comprised of various shades of green. Well that is, before I had dyed the wool. Now, it makes sense.

So, I followed the instructions and squirted the blue dye on the wool first.
(please excuse the curious roomate in the background feeding George Bush his dinner)

And then followed the green.

And then, the yellow. (I'm using every ounce of maturity I have to refrain from making a very juvenile comment regarding what that bottle of dye looks like)

So... it was pretty insane looking.
Not the nice and tasteful green I had been hoping for to make myself a lovely lace scarf out of. I think now it's going to go towards some socks for someone. If I tell them that not only did I knit the socks... but also dyed the yarn... they will be forever impressed and not so frightened by the garishness of the colours.

Now in all fairness, I hung the yarn over my cupboard door so that I could stare at it everyday and now, a week later it has grown on me and I think I quite like it. It was just wildly colourful initially but now... it looks a little less loud.
I'm all for 'loud', but when it's not what you're going for, it can be a bit alarming.

See? Not so bad afterall. I would wear these socks.


Anonymous said...

I was so engrossed in your new post that I didn't hear your cat meouwing at the he has climbed the tree outside the window of this room where he can have a good look at your dying. Unfortunately he hasn't been too successful at getting himself out of the tree!

The dye job looks great and you're right...a nice surprise after it dried and was rewound.

Lynn said...

I was surfing knitting blogs and your name caught my eye (wonder why? LOL) so I read your blog and really enjoyed seeing the process of dying the yarn. Not sure I will every try it but it looks like fun :)
I have just started this blogging thing, please feel free to visit me sometime.