Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Knitting Roadtrips

It's wednesday, I know. But let me tell you about my past weekend anyway.
Some knitting goodness occurred.
It started with this being delivered to my door.

A nice, nice gesture indeed, made by parents. (I'm a lucky woman, I know.)
The perfect way to start any kind of weekend, but a knitting filled weekend especially.

It continued with me hopping in my car with two near and dear knitter-friends of mine and having a nice little knitterly road-trip to Gaspereau Valley Fibres about... an hour outside of Halifax.
What a treat.
And the company I speak of? Even more of a treat than a slice of cheesecake. Like I said, near and dear.

Sheep, chickens, alpacas...
See for yourself.

And of course, tonnes of wool.
All in one beautiful wooden room.
Don't be concerned though. It's a wooden room with windows of course.
With a stunning view of the sheep, chickens and alpacas.

I must confess that I have lived in Nova Scotia for three and a half years now... and this was my first time going there. Why did I wait? I guess I just found enough in Halifax to keep me busy.
And now... after that trip... I will be busy until... well, at least until I graduate.
That's not to say that I won't indulge in one or two more little 'road trips' as such before the planned date of graduation. I just... have more than enough to keep me busy. (for now....)

So, here are the goods.

Some Briggs and Little for felted clogs (a stellar Christmas gift if I do say so myself).
Purchased by Meghan.

Some Mission Falls 1824 superwash wool for a little neck scarf.
Purchased by Meghan.

Some NEON WHITE Blue Sky Pure Cotton.
To make this sweet-as-a-treat 'mini-sweater'.
For me.
(How cool is neon white?!?!?! Sadly... you will have to just believe me though, as the picture does now want to cooperate.)

And I also found myself with some of this in my bag at the end of the day as we felt that a perfect way to end the perfect day would to be to swing by Tangled Skeins and pick up some yarn there.
Sweet Georiga Yarns.
In colourway Blue Fig.
I see... a pair of Pomatomous socks for me out that.
But for now, it shall adorn my houseplant/makeshift-knitterly-xmas-tree.

So, in short, that was my weekend.
Next weekend, I plan on knitting.
And hopefully... I will have some knitting to show you as you are probably growing weary of me showing you all the yarn that I WANT to knit with.
It's coming friends, it's coming.
I swear.


Monika said...

I like looking at yarn. Isn't sweetgeorgia's yarn wonderful! Must get back to knitting, I have too much yarn and there are not enough hours in the day .....

Anonymous said...

The wools look lovely! I'm looking forward to seeing what you knit with yours. They could, of course, go into the 'stash'! I've just finished one of your Halifax patterns (the Indian Cross stich scarf)and a 'Drops' scarf with some Alpaca (in Heather!)and they really turned out well.
Good Luck with exams and hopefully we'll see you over the holdays.