Monday, December 04, 2006

Where did these come from?

Honestly now... if one of you people were to say to me "Lynn, have you been knitting much lately?" I would response with a slightly sullen tone in my voice "Nooo.... (sniff) I've been writing crappy papers instead.(sob)"
But as I was digging through my bag after class today, I came across these.

I clearly made them as I do recall buying the yarn a while back at The Loop... but it's funny how all it takes is a string of student seminars and oh yeah...

(Watching all of these is considered "work" if you decide to take a film class.)
And so before I knew it, I had an almost finished pair of socks just my size to show for.
If only I had just one more paper to show for it too, then things would be lovely and I could knit in a far more conscious state.

Oh, and for those of you non-Nova-Scotians wondering what the weather is like out here at the moment, this is what greeted me as I walked out my door this afternoon.

How I love this city.
And all of its snowy whiteness.


Anonymous said...

LYNN are so fabulous..its been forever..this is andrew dobosn.
I love knitting...i love wool...I just knit myself a lovely grey scarf which is TOO short and i ran out of wool andthe place i bought the wool went out of business! what to do!

Do you crochette as well? There is one thing on earth i would die to have..i want those sexy man mittens that have no fingers..or they go half up your the creepy man from oliver twist?
do you know how to make those? if you make me some dark brown ones i'll give you kisses and pay you in gold.
talk to me soon

Anonymous said...

lovely photo of your snowy halifax streets.!
we are getting a dusting. not nearly as picturesque as what you have.
nice socks.
see you soon!