Friday, November 17, 2006

Being a 'Knitiot'

I have been knitting.
I have been knitting a lot actually.
I swear.
I also swear that once Christmas has passed us by, this blog will be far more interesting.
Unfortunately, I have been cranking out various versions of the same thing... for people that read this blog on a regular basis (or so they say).
Thus, it makes it difficult for me to show too many photos of these projects.
Unless... they don't mind that the surprise will be ruined on Christmas day.
What do you think?

I have been good in that I have actually been finishing some of these projects for other people for Christmas. I have been giving myself the 'thumbs up' all week long for that.
I did happen to pick up the new issue of Interweave Knits on the weekend though, and this has made it incredibly difficult to stay focused.
I am praying that I don't crack.
It's been hard though.

I lent my friend Meghan my most recent issues of various knitting magazines which she so kindly returned to me today.
As we were standing right in the middle of a walkway, in the middle of campus, in the middle of that little 10 minute break that people get to run from one end of campus to the other for their next class... Meghan and I stood and spoke of our future projects.
Her next dream project?
A beautiful cabled cardigan.
My next dream project?
Several beautiful colourful cardigans.
As I became more and more exasperated with myself for everything that I wanted to accomplish in so little time (not to mention the schoolwork that I so conveniently forget about from time to time)... I exclaimed "I'm such an idiot Meghan!!!"
She so kindly corrected me by saying "No Lynn... you're not. You're a 'knitiot'".
How right she is...
It made me feel far less bad about myself and my complete lack of focus.
I don't mind being called a 'knitiot'.
Not ever.
Come on! Hit me with your best shot.

Since I can't seem to show you any projects that I have been making really... I would be happy to show you a pile of wool/yarn that I have been using to knit some of these projects with.
Will that do?
Perhaps it's not quite as inspiring, but it's something.

There. A pile of wool.
Some has been used, some not. I suppose it gives you a bit of a sense of how far I have left to go until I am done my knitting for Christmas.
I suppose not really though. I could be knitting intricate lace evening gowns with it (riiiight...) or I could be knitting giant felted fishbowls with it.
You just never know...

Anyways, stay tuned for some more knitterly love.
I have a knitting related field trip planned for tomorrow with two other 'knitiots' and I shall tell you all about it.