Monday, November 06, 2006

I'll get over it

It would unfortunately seem as though all of my knitting projects these days are causing my face to react in this sort of a way.

It's hard to make friends when that's what you look like.
I am trying my best to keep a smile on though and save this face for when no one is looking.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is just not working for me these days.
Even the simplest pair of socks are making me rip them back four times before they decide that it's not funny anymore and they are willing to cooperate. Clearly, they are not afraid of this face.
If only they were...

I broke my own rules the other day and decided to cast on that lovely lilac coloured yarn that I posted last time. I just couldn't resist. I had it sitting on my bedside table and it was just taunting me. So, I caved and did what I had been dreaming and blogging about doing. I cast on my Rusted Root and knit like I've never knit before.
I was completely enamoured with it, considering breaking all previous commitments I had made for the weekend in order to hibernate with it.
I was IN LOVE.
And then do you think I did?
I realized that I had messed up the lace. That'll teach me to have conversations with friends while trying to establish a new lace pattern.
It's yet another project to be ripped back.
I just can't bring myself to do it quite yet. Especially not after I tossed it on my bed in a fit of anger and saw how beautifully it looked with my scarf and jacket.
I felt my heart being ripped from my chest.
For now, it will sit on the needles, waiting to be ripped.

I did however manage to get these socks done though before my streak of disasters set in.

And I have also been cranking out more and more things to clean dishes and bodies with as little breaks between all of my failures.

The moral of my story today is 'don't try and knit for yourself when Christmas is looming'.

My meeting with Debbie Bliss was lovely and lovely is completely and absolutely the best word to describe it. I bet that she never makes ugly faces like me. After I met her I went home and prayed that in my next life, I come back as lovely as her and with an equally lovely line of my own yarns.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn....Don't're still doing a pretty good job of getting through the projects.'ve got your whole life to get it perfect!

morgan said...

lol that's the best face ever. I come close to it on a daily basis. If you come to loop group tonight I want to hear all about Debbie Bliss please.
ps updating my links and adding your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Lynn ... I enjoy reading your blog and really FEEL your frustration with your lovely lilac creation. Where in the world did you manage to find a picture that sums up your feelings so well???